- By Elle Jasper


  • Title: Afterlight
  • Author: Elle Jasper
  • ISBN: 9780451231673
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Afterlight Savannah s most unconventional tattoo artist Riley Poe lives on the edge Now she s put over the edge when her younger brother is taken by a sinister cult led by vampires Her only ally is the hot tem

    Savannah s most unconventional tattoo artist, Riley Poe, lives on the edge Now she s put over the edge when her younger brother is taken by a sinister cult led by vampires Her only ally is the hot tempered vampire Eli Dupre, attracted to Riley s beauty and rare blood type To save her brother from certain un death, Riley faces dangers she s never dreamed of, ruthless bloSavannah s most unconventional tattoo artist, Riley Poe, lives on the edge Now she s put over the edge when her younger brother is taken by a sinister cult led by vampires Her only ally is the hot tempered vampire Eli Dupre, attracted to Riley s beauty and rare blood type To save her brother from certain un death, Riley faces dangers she s never dreamed of, ruthless bloodthirsty enemies, and an evil of endless hunger that wants to devour it all

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    1. bastardbooks/2011Updated 9/4/11I wasn't sure if I wanted to write this reaction, particularly since I don't enjoying shitting on people and messing with someone's livelihood. But on the other hand, I've always been about informing consumers, thus helping them choose how to spend their money wiser. Which leads me to this über-negative reaction to my read of Afterlight by Elle Jasper, first book in the The Dark Ink Chronicles series. This is not something you'll see frequently from me, so enjoy i [...]

    2. From the preface:(In the scene before this, she's waiting at a bar for this guy to show up)Vampires. They're real. They exist. And they're so not what you think they are.And I was utterly, irrevocably in love with one.So I immediately thought, Hey, that's like a pretty blatant Twilight reference. Wasn't good ol' Bella irrevocably in love with Edward? Oh! I get it! *wink, wink* Heh, at the end of the book, when we come back to this scene, she's gonna pop up and yell, "Gotcha Twitard"! I hate this [...]

    3. This is a great example of how a perfectly good idea can be ruined with lousy writing. I chose Afterlight because I was in serious need of some vampires, and because the main character is a tattoo artist. I adore tattoos (I have three myself) and I honestly thought it would be a fun read. I was SO wrong! Elle Jasper’s writing is a slow torture – the first 50 pages of her novel are completely useless, they serve no purpose at all. Riley is drinking tea, walking her dog, describing her driving [...]

    4. I don't often like comparing the similarities between books butTwilight.1. Rare blood type that makes vampires go gaga.2. A vampire family that's humane.3. Male protagonist vamp that tries to stay away from female protagonist but FAILS.4. Lurking in the bedroom while she's sleeping.5. Female protagonist tries to save everyone by sacrificing herself at the end.6. She get's bit. D'oh.So yes. If Bella happened to meet Edward 10 years later when she's covered in tats, has red and black hair, looks a [...]

    5. This review was posted at Under The Covers3.5 StarsRiley Poe is pretty kick ass! She has turned her life around and gone from being a junkie and being completely in with the wrong crowd and doing the wrong things, to going to college, owning a tattoo shop and being a well known artist in Savannah. This in big part thanks to Preacher and his wife who took her and her brother Seth in and helped her along just a bit so she could find her way after her mother was killed.The premise for this book is [...]

    6. Quick & Dirty: Unfortunately, this story is not well crafted. The dialog is distracting and repetitive. There is nothing unique or novel to make the story stand out.Opening Sentence: Afterlight. According to the Gullah, it meant two things. One: darkness or dusk. Two: death, the life after, or beyond. I’m familiar with both.The Review:Riley Poe isn’t exactly your model citizen. She has a dark and derelict past. Highly sexed, drug addicted and out of control, Riley finally manages to turn [...]

    7. More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!2.5 starsI have more positives to say about this book than negatives and as a debut novel – amazing!Firstly, I love Riley Poe, she is a refreshing portagonist and isn’t weak like protagonists such as Bella from Twilight or just plain arrogant/annoying like Sookie Stackhouse. Riley has turned her life around from being a junkie, trouble making teen who someone who has gone to college and started their own successful tattoo shop. Ri [...]

    8. I wanted to like this. I REALLY wanted to like this. A female tattooist kicking vamp ass. but I couldn't even get to 100 pages.I rarely leave a bad review, but this showed so much promise and failed at the 1st hurdle.I will never be a fan of overly describing anything. I find it boring and nothing switches me off faster. The lead character comes across as terribly conceited, stating the people she tattoos treat her like a superstar. The author makes a huge thing of her pink-streaked hair, so muc [...]

    9. OMG!! that is what comes to mind after i read this book. I was walking by while at save mart one night and i spotted the cool cover, i finally decided to purchase it and man what a purchase. Definitely for all you vampire lovers out there, this is a adult novel so all you adults that enjoyed twilight this will definitely blow your mind. Eli and Riley Poe are a match made in paranormal romance. They are instantly attracted to each other and at first they deny the attraction till it builds and bui [...]

    10. Rating 5/5 too bad i cant give more than 5 starsWhat i love about this site is that you can actually discover new authors and new series and thats what it happens with this one!This is for sure one of my favourite book i read this year 2011 and a book that i am looking forward to read the second one!Amazing story line with details that it actually make me beeing there and It didnt tired me at all!I am not so familiar with Savanah and voodoo stuff but it was a good chance learning about those thi [...]

    11. This is the tale of two novels. First 150 pages, poor writing. It felt like the editor used a simple Microsoft Word Grammar checker when editing the first half of the book. I definitely cannot write and I felt like I could have written the first half of the book.Strangely enough, the second half was written much better. It flowed better, the grammar use was better, and it made the story much more enjoyable.On to the story-, it was not anything original but I liked the characters (even the dog). [...]

    12. Afterlight by Elle Jasper has an incredible eye catching cover, and when I heard the heroine was a tattoo artist, I decided to give this a go. Set in Savannah, Georgia, this Gothic feeling urban fantasy has a great set up. Riley Poe is a talented tattoo artist (or so we are told) who is her fifteen year old brother’s guardian. Just like any teenager, Seth gets into trouble, but Riley is there to make sure he’s safe and protected. Riley knows what lurks in the darkness and it’s not pretty. [...]

    13. I had a hard time to finishing this book. first half of the book is really really boring. usually I'm a fast reader, but this one took all my patience away.After arounf 60% the story begin to interest me, but still I don't feel connected. the heroine , i don't know what the author want a girlie one or the badass one? I feel she is cool but another time she is to weak to hold her own desires. 3,5 star. will try the next book

    14. Maybe Afterlight should have been titled Afterglow much vampire sex (and lusting after vampires). Not at all what I was expecting.I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but the badass woman on the front cover holding a knife led me to believe this was an urban fantasy series about a vampire hunter. Afterlight is really an adult paranormal romance.

    15. I am always thrilled when I discover a new author or series. I get all giddy inside and I happily add that author to my list of authors on my radar. After reading, Afterlight I’m excited to do the same. Afterlight is a surprisingly entertaining paranormal/urban fantasy story that sucked me in right from the start.Riley Poe is a cool, funky, kick-ass tattoo artist in Savannah, Georgia. The story begins with Riley searching for her brother, Seth. She locates him and his friends in a local cemete [...]

    16. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIt’s a sad but true fact that rarely do excellent covers yield equally excellent books. AFTERLIGHT has one of my favorite covers of the year and I honestly was afraid to read it because I knew the story couldn’t possible live up to the stunning cover. Wow was I wrongTERLIGHT is like The Lost Boys meets L.A. Ink (Elle Jasper actually references the movie in the book). Hot vampires, badass chicks, and wicked tattoos. Seriously, if Corey Haim was someh [...]

    17. Afterlight is author, Elle Jaspers debut novel. Afterlight is the first novel in the Dark Ink Chronicles. I received Afterlight as an ARC copy from Ms Jasper, and even before I started reading it, I knew I would love it. The cover art is beautiful, very eye catching. I read this book in only a few hours, and one word that comes to mind is, refreshing. And I also received some pretty bookmarks to go along with the book. Riley Poe is a smart, talented heroine. I liked her character from the first [...]

    18. I must be the odd-ball out here because i really really enjoyed this book! As far as the grammar usage goes, the author (in my opinion) was trying to portray the characters with deep southern roots. Ie: using words like: dem (them) and dere (there). For me being born and raised in the south, this didnt bother me a bit and only made the characters seem more colorful and alive in my eyes.On to my review: Riley Poe is one pretty kick-azz character. An ex-wild child, orphaned and now raising her 15 [...]

    19. I cannot even recall how I heard about this book but I am so glad I did!The story is told from Riley’s point of view. Riley is a tattoo artist whose only blood relative is her brother Seth. She has had quite the life and not in a good way. Her adolescent years where filled with a lot of suffering . What I liked about her story is that while she had it rough she does not play the victim however the downside is she tries to remain tough even when she is feeling vulnerable. Seth is out one night [...]

    20. I was on the second or third chapter and got tired of the main character describing in detail how cool her and her friends outfits were. And how goth is not what you wear but WHO YOU ARE as if this is important to the story. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    21. The main reason I didn’t like this book is because I have a problem with characters that go on and on about how crap their life is and unfortunately Riley Poe is one of them. I get that the author wanted to establish the fact that Riley has had a hard and traumatic childhood that’s left her scarred and given her a badass attitude, but when it’s being brought up throughout the entire book, any sympathy I might have had for her just turns into annoyance. In fact, this attempt to make Riley a [...]

    22. From my blog Auntie Spinelli ReadsI had trouble getting through this one. Why? Because it was a cookie-cutter of Twilight. (Am I the only one who noticed this?!) Sure, there were some differences had some colorful icing and fancy sprinkles added for camouflage. But the basics were disturbingly similar. I should have known in the prologue when Riley said she was 'utterly, irrevocably in love' with a vampire, and my first thought was easy, Twilight. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. *shakes fist*The book was f [...]

    23. The story started out great. It was flowing smoothly, I enjoyed Kat Von D . . I mean, Riley Poe's character. She was the sexy tough chick that seemed to have her shit together. I was really digging her that's until she met Edward Cullen I mean, Eligius Dupre and then she reverted to a horny teenager with an obsessive crush. Once Eli made his appearance, there were so many Twilight similarities that I had a hard time enjoying the story.Eli is the over-protective stalker who admits later in the [...]

    24. What do you get when you combine a kick-ass female with a wild past and a two-centuries-old sexy male vampire originated from France? You get Afterlight, of course! Elle Jasper's debut is wicked cool! In this book, Elle shows readers the darker, creepier side of Savannah, Georgia, besides adding her own touch of Gothic elements in it. You can observe it in Riley's dressing code and fashion sense.Riley Poe is an amazing heroine. She's spunky, badass, witty and loves her brother a great deal. I'd [...]

    25. In Afterlight, Savannah tattoo artist Riley Poe has been doing a fine job of raising her teenage brother, when the supernatural aftermath of a teenage prank in a grave yard may very well mean that her brother is lost to Riley forever. But Riley will do whatever it takes to save her brother, even though it means that the very human Riley will be fighting against powerful inhuman forces who view Riley as a tasty prize. Fans of Twilight are probably not going to agree with me, but I thought Afterli [...]

    26. As seen on Rabidreads:Afterlight shines as a first person narrative with characteristic vocabulary (afterlight, da hell stone, da Island, heiniesca) and variable chronology.   Riley Poe, our vector into this Gothic interior, has been there once before as a devil-may-care youth but when her brother awakens old bloodsuckers, gets bitten, and is quickened, she must go down there to Savannah's underbelly, its clubs appropriately titled Panic Room and Morgue, to help a brother out.Her father figure [...]

    27. Where to start? I wanted to like this book, but honestly I thought it was pretty terrible. The plot was a mix between the movie the Lost Boys (ironically mentioned in the book) and something out of the Twilight Series. The characters weren’t particularly likable or well developed. The heroine of Afterlight, a tattoo artist named Riley Poe, is a self-proclaimed badass who uses the word "wicked" way too frequently. Repetition and overused slang that sounds forced and ridiculous was a theme throu [...]

    28. Afterlight has a promising premise. Riley's brother and his friends accidentally release evil twins from a tomb and then slowly change into vampires. Then, we meet Eli and the rest of the Dupre family, who reveal their nature to Riley. It's up to Riley and them to save her brother.Unfortunately Afterlight took a nosedive right after that and I realized I got my hopes up for nothing.A huge chunk of this book is comprised of filler scenes; Riley, self-proclaimed "bad-ass", goes back to work in her [...]

    29. I was told Twilight = Afterlight and while there are a few similarities and even a hint of the Twilight fanfiction, Clipped Wings and Inked Armour, I felt the story really stood on its own. Riley is a tattoo artist that has a special blood that calls to vampires. The bad vampires are called strigio and they kill humans. The good vamps do drink human blood but they don't kill. Eli and Riley are instantly drawn to each other from the first time they see each other. Eli even comes into Riley's room [...]

    30. My rating: 4.5 starsAfterlight's plot and world building kept my interests with a few added twists to the traditional version of vampires plus a dose of hoodoo in the form the Gullah. It was a fast paced, exciting story filled with dark and gritty, sometimes depraved, moments that features a goth-like tough heroine, Riley Poe (I love her name, it rolls of the tongue just right), who has led a life in the fast lane of drugs as a rebellious teen and learned her lessons well from those dark hauntin [...]

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