- By Jackie Pullinger Andrew Quicke

Chasing the Dragon: One Woman's Struggle Against the Darkness of Hong Kong's Drug Den

  • Title: Chasing the Dragon: One Woman's Struggle Against the Darkness of Hong Kong's Drug Den
  • Author: Jackie Pullinger Andrew Quicke
  • ISBN: 9780830734009
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chasing the Dragon One Woman s Struggle Against the Darkness of Hong Kong s Drug Den The true story of how one woman s faith resulted in the conversion of hundreds of drug addicts prostitues and hardened criminals in Hong Kong s infamous Walled City

    The true story of how one woman s faith resulted in the conversion of hundreds of drug addicts, prostitues and hardened criminals in Hong Kong s infamous Walled City.

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    1. One of the most powerful books I have ever read and I feel that whoever reads this book will not come out the same. The story of Jackie Pullinger's missionary work is humbling, miraculous, and beautiful. She was a lone 20 year old baby-believer without a missionary society behind her, jumping into a mission field of prostitutes, gangs, and drug dealers. Though the 'Walled City' in Hong Kong, a semi-anarchic settlement, presents incredible challenges, she sees Jesus come through time after time i [...]

    2. Some stories you have to hear firsthand to believe. Jackie Pullinger's life in Hong Kong is that kind of story.I am not pentecostal. I grew up suspicious of anyone who raised their hands in church. Speaking in tongues, signs and wonders, healings and resurrections were all a bit far for my home church. Even today, I'm still a bit iffy about things like prophetic words and power evangelism. If God want to act in that way, great! But it will take a little work on God's end to overcome my scepticis [...]

    3. Chasing the Dragon is one of my favorite internship books. Pullinger's autobiography of her ministry in Hong Kong's walled city of Kowloon inspires, challenges, and captivates. As a white Westerner headed to a Southeast Asian slum in a few months, re-reading CTD gave me fresh hope and renewed gratefulness for God's call in my life.CTD is one of those generally-not-recommended styles of missionary work: Pullinger goes by herself, without a sending org, and sets up shop ministering cross-gender; s [...]

    4. Jackie Pullinger, an English single missionary and her incredible journey in bringing the light of Christ to the drug infested areas of Hong Kong. I admire Pullinger a lot. For a single woman to leave her land just by faith to a land unknown like Abraham and start a ministry, just fills your heart with joy. Her stories are amazing of the power of the Gospel to change leper's spots or in this case, free addicted drug dealers and prostitutes from their bondage and melt any and every heart of stone [...]

    5. Jackie Pullinger has had a crazy life. I was blown away by this book. Basic gist: woman goes to Hong Kong slum with no plans and no money, and through her, people are saved, lives are changed, and Jesus is glorified.Now, I'm not the crying type, but I was definitely sniffling back a few tears at several points in this book. Mostly, because God is so PRESENT in this book. He is the center of everything, and Poon Siu Jeu (Jackie's Chinese name) continues to give him glory for everything that happe [...]

    6. I commend Jackie Pullinger on all the wonderful things she accomplished and all the people she helped in the Walled City. I enjoyed reading about the interesting people she came in contact with. I gave two stars because I thought the story became very repetitious.

    7. My last read and second of 2018: Chasing the Dragon by Jackie PullingerThis is a true story which many have described as “inspiring”.I could have easily done the same but that would have been embellishing the truth. It made me introspect a lot and I ask myself some very tough questions."Chasing the Dragon" is a true story of Jackie Pullinger’s work in Hong Kong’s infamous “Walled City”. Her work resulted in hundreds of gangsters, drug addicts, prostitutes and hardened criminals to tu [...]

    8. Amazing testimony in a book that was poorly written. I think it did a disservice to her life’s work, but there were plenty to love the book exactly as it was written. Repetitive, poorly written, confusing at times in switching back and forth with people that had such similar lives.

    9. The most compelling missionary biography I've ever read.As a young 20-something, Jackie Pullinger sensed a call to go into missions. Where she was to go she did not know, and missionary societies weren't interested in her. One Spirit-filled vicar suggested she get on a boat and go as far as as she could. She took his advice, trusting God to meet every need. She sailed to Hong Kong, was initially denied entry, but had an Advocate who was helping her. With no money, no job, and no prospects, she e [...]

    10. This one really stumped me. It could easily have been 5 stars as the story was simply amazing; Jackie Pullinger must truly be a vessel of the Lord. She has helped so many drug addicts, drug lords and prostitutes in Hong Kong. But does this make a good read? Unfortunately I found it rather repetitive - I would go as far as suggesting it to be a holy version of "50 shades of grey"! I don't mean to be disrespectful but unfortunately, the constant barrage of success after success after success could [...]

    11. A very powerful read. It tells the true story of Jackie Pullinger, an English woman who, in her early 20s felt that God was telling her to go to Hong Kong as a missionary. She ends up in the notorious Walled City and spends her time reaching out to drug addicts and Triad (illegal gangs) members. Gradually she wins their trust and she tells them about Jesus and how he can help them with their addictions. She brings many to Christianity and opens several safe houses where these new Christians can [...]

    12. Colee Firman has skillfully crafted yet another great story in her Unbinding Fate series. From the first chapter in Chasing Darkness, I was drawn back into her marvelous characters, her fantastic worlds and breathtaking suspense. I love how Ms. Firman can mix a little romance, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and a few really evil characters into a story that just keeps racing ahead. I can count on her characters to keep me guessing, and caring, from the beginning of the book to the very end of the l [...]

    13. WOW, this woman is just amazing. She tells the story of how she was convinced God had called her to go to Hong Kong to share the Gospel and then WENT apart from any specific church sponsorship or mission board. God used her in absolutely spontaneous and miraculous ways to eventually reach drug addicts in the Walled City portion of Hong Kong. She tells her story with simple transparent faith and humor careful to include the fact that she made her share of mistakes that God was able to work aro [...]

    14. This was an exciting book to see how the Holy Spirit moved and changed young men's lives in Hong Kong's Walled City in the 1980's. The first half was especially interesting as the author shows how many misconceptions she had about God and how He works. I really had a lot of chuckles because I had many of the same ideas from society in general and some churches in particular. It was encouraging to see how she was protected thru her adventures and "mistakes". Her story reminded me of "The Cross an [...]

    15. Another captivating missionary story! If you enjoy reading stories of God moving in foreign lands to save people and set them free this is one to add to your list. If you're a fan of Brother Yun, Brother Andrew and Corrie Ten Boom I'd recommend adding this one to your reading queue. If you're unsure if God still uses the gifts of the Spirit these days, or how practical and effective they may be in ministry these days, I'd recommend this book. I found it inspiring and refreshing. Great light read [...]

    16. Amazing book about a British woman who refused to let religion and the evils of the world stop her evangelism of the love of Jesus. Called to one of the darkest places in the world, Hong Kong's notorious Walled City, Ms Pullinger relays her experiences with The Lord and His Holy Spirit as they relentlessly pursue the hearts and minds of God's precious people trapped in drug addiction, prostitution, and gang violence. Reading this book will stir up your faith like never before AND convict the rel [...]

    17. Total crap. I was asked to read this by a Christian friend. Endless tales of people being saved from drug addiction with prayer. One woman's heroic crusade of cleaning up Hong Kong. She did it all herself apparently by getting criminals to become Christian and speak in tongues. Sorry but this is mumbo jumbo.

    18. This book was inspiring. Christians often think that we need to have these formal programs and to tread softly around people who might be seeking faith, but when the holy spirit is working, it's WORKING!

    19. I have never been more inspired to live a spirit-filled, single-eyed life of anonymity and sacrifice.

    20. This book has made such an impact. It is both encouraging and convicting and managed to capture my undivided attention from page one. An eye opening book filled with astounding truth and honesty.

    21. If you're wondering if God is really at work in our world or whether Jesus still performs miracles, read this book! Truly inspiring.

    22. Loved this book. Her storytelling is very clear and brings the characters and surroundings to life. All in all, a very inspiring read!

    23. This is a fascinating story of a missionary in Hong Kong. There are some wild things going on, and it's inspiring.

    24. Jackie Pullinger is Kowloon’s Mother Theresa. This auto-biography describes her remarkable evolution from exposure to Christianity in London, to a young call to be a missionary, to total dependence on the Holy Spirit long before she knew anything about speaking in tongues. Rejected by all mission societies in Africa, this British-trained musician was given a dream of Hong Kong and boldly left as a single 22yo in 1966 and probably is still in H.K. today. She pioneered love among addicts and pro [...]

    25. Warning, do not read this book if you want to keep your comfortable view of the Holy Spirit. I'm so thankful for Jackie's story and her realness is how she shares it. She is simply a daughter of the King, resting in the power of the Spirit while being obedient to Jesus. These stories of drug addicts coming to Jesus display God's power and faithfulness. Please read if you are worn out in your own strength in ministry or asking for more or wanting to ask for moreHe is faithful to release more powe [...]

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