- By Elaine Coffman

The Bride Of Black Douglas

  • Title: The Bride Of Black Douglas
  • Author: Elaine Coffman
  • ISBN: 9780778323884
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bride Of Black Douglas One of the top names in historical romance pens her first novel for Mira In her sweeping romance set in Scotland a young English woman and a Scot agree to get married for convenience sake never

    One of the top names in historical romance pens her first novel for Mira In her sweeping romance set in 1785 Scotland, a young English woman and a Scot agree to get married for convenience sake, never bargaining on love entering the picture.

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    1. Booklikes review reposted here at GR per Sandi's request :)The storylines in this book take some erratic twists, with some plot points being dropped without conclusion. This review will discuss those in greater detail than I would normally do, so I am erring on the side of caution and marking portions of this review as containing spoilers.The girl: Lady Meleri Weatherby has been engaged since childhood to the son of her aging father's good friend, but she now sees the light and realizes Lord Phi [...]

    2. Natural enemies, a Scots nobleman and an English lady, meet by chance and must marry for each's own purposes, yadda yadda yadda.Couldn't stomach the writing. So did not finish."She sat stock still, as if enchanted. Around her a breeze stirredStill she did not move. Transfixed, she was motionless with surprise." Ok, still, not moving, transfixed, motionlessI get it. She's dead? "Strangely, she felt an odd sort of curiosity about him, which she tried to quell" Argh. Oddly, strangely curiousd catat [...]

    3. Audiobook (abridged due to a lying book vendor that deserves a nastygram for wasting my money but won’t get one because I should’ve noticed the running time)N:Plot holes, continuity errors, historical wallpaper you can see through, lack of adherence to social strictures, weak dialogue, absurd love scenes, unfocused plot, changeable character motivations, no chemistry, and no romanceO:The only good to come of reading this book is my discovery of one of the elusive 3 star reviews from Harriet [...]

    4. The story had some interesting ghost sidelines but over all I kept wincing--predictable, stilted and odd. The book just didn't flow. I kept thinking it would get better. I liked the story concept but the dialogue was awkward.

    5. While, i did finish. It was a hard read because it felt like three people wrote it. Or the author started it and put it down for a few years then stoped and wait afew more years. The editor or proofreader should have raised a red flag when the book takes such liberities with pacing and dropped storylines.

    6. Inutile dirvi che in questo periodo sono fissata coi romanzi ambientati in Scozia. Outlander sta creando dipendenza. Per questo motivo ho deciso di riprendere in mano uno dei primi romanzi storici che mi regalò mia zia. Ambientato nel 1785, il romanzo spazia tra Inghilterra e Scozia. L'autrice descrive in maniera dettagliata tutti gli ambienti e, da appassionata della terra scozzese posso dirvi con assoluta certezza che sono perfetti, in particolare il castello di Beloyn. Ma andiamo con ordine. [...]

    7. Au tout début du roman, il est question d'un fantôme, celui de la famille Douglas. La légende dit qu'il reviendra quand le "sauveur" de la famille sera là. Je trouvais cette "intrigue" intéressante, ça rajoutait quelque chose à l'histoire. Mais, malheureusement, ça n'a pas assez été exploité. Dommage !On a donc surtout l'histoire de Meleri et Douglas. Elle est promise à un marquis horriblissime, il doit se trouver une femme anglaise, de bonne lignée, pour obéir aux volontés du Roi [...]

    8. AUTHOR: I found Elaine Coffman a long winded writer. Too much description slows down a book when there is very little dialogue and interaction between characters. SETTING: 18th century, Northumberland England, Beloyn Castle ScotlandGENRE: Historical romanceCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTERS: Meleri has a temper. She speaks her mind and maybe criticizes too much. She sees and hears things that no one else can see or hear. CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: Robert is a man of very few words and blames the English for [...]

    9. L'histoire est assez classique:elle, jeune anglaise, fiancée depuis sa naissance à un marquis anglais, découvre petit à petit le caractère mauvais, cruel et intéressé de ce dernier. Elle décide alors de tout faire pour éviter cette union. Lui, lord écossais ruiné et sous le coup d'un ordre du Roi d'épouser une anglaise comme " punition" va trouver sur son chemin une fiancée porteuse d'un destin qui changera à jamais le sien.Je n'ai pas trouvé dans ce roman le même attrait que dan [...]

    10. Ironically I started reading this on Tuesday, on my trip to Edinburgh, and finished it in Glasgow. I hadn't really reflected on the fact that this is set in Scotland. It was an entertaining read. I had never read anything by this author, and she writes well, especially in terms of descriptions. There was the teeth-grinding moment when the feisty heroine is going to fix it all herself - Those plot lines always irritate me no end, in the too stupid to think clearly way - part of intelligence does [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the story, the characters where very likable and the ghost story woven into the romance was a nice touch. The reason I only gave it 4 stars out of 5 is because I found parts of the story where either rushed or lacking for explanation, and sometimes I found the main characters relationship would go from hot to cold without really any good reason or explanation as to why. All in all I really enjoyed the story though, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good historical ro [...]

    12. This book came highly recommended because of my love of highland romances. All was going pretty well until exactly the 50% mark on my Kindle. Out of the blue there is a sort of steamy scene. Maybe it was the way it was worded, but at no time did the description lead me to believe that she had lost her virginity. Several chapters later it was mentioned she had lost it. Say what?! Went back and re-read the passage again and still felt like nothing got out of hand. Completely ruined the rest of the [...]

    13. Well at least I finished this one. Which is more that I can say for the last 4 books I started. I am in a serious reading slump and I hoped a return to Historical Romance would do me some good. I suppose it has, thought I found myself more interested in the ghost story than I did the love story. Also, I think the author was getting paid by the descriptive word. Goodness. It wasn't bad I suppose. It was what it was suppose to be -- atmospheric, fluffy, and all tied up with a neat little bow.

    14. This was the book that started it all When I was about12-14, this book popped my romance novel cherry. Since then I have read countless books… but I always remember this one and I read it so many times it fell apart and I could not save it so I have got to buy a new one… i love, love, love this book

    15. Fun, quick reading story about a match-making ghost in 18th century Scotland. This author gets her period details right and resisted the urge to over-do the flowery prose, though she could have toned down the Scottish speech inflections a bit. There are a couple love scenes but nothing too graphic.

    16. Soo much descriptive details which hampers the story telling, however simple romance and enchanting ghost!

    17. A historical novel in 1500 England/Scotland. It was so so. I thought it was slow moving in places. The landscape descriptions we beautiful. It was a shorter book than I usually read.

    18. While utterly charming--including the ghost, it was low on smutty sex scenes. Character development, however, was much appreciated.

    19. Love this book, It's sentimental to me because this is the book that catapulted me into the world of a bookaholic.

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