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The Return of Santiago

  • Title: The Return of Santiago
  • Author: Mike Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780765341464
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Return of Santiago When Danny Briggs a young thief stumbles upon the long lost poems of Black Orpheus a poet who had immortalized the exploits of mythic bandit assassin and hero Santiago he embarks on an interstel

    When Danny Briggs, a young thief, stumbles upon the long lost poems of Black Orpheus, a poet who had immortalized the exploits of mythic bandit, assassin, and hero Santiago, he embarks on an interstellar odyssey to unravel the truth behind Santiago s legend.

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    1. Today's post is 'The Return of Santiago' by Mike Resnick. It is 464 pages long and published by TOR. This is a sequel to Santiago also by Mike Resnick. If you have not read either Mike Resnick before or Santiago stop reading this right now and get to your library. Go get some of his stuff, read it and thank me later. I am going to be putting in some changes to my reviewing because I got a professional to read one of my reviews and give me some help. A very big thanks to Angela Leonard from darkf [...]

    2. This is a space western. Each chapter introduced a different bounty hunter/gunfighter/lawman, another strange alien, a different saloon, a different planet. It was the Star Wars cantina scene again and again and again. Creative and entertaining but ultimately predictable -- you see the end coming from 200 pages away.

    3. Ugh.WARNING: SPOILERSResnick is usually my go-to guy for escapist space-cowboy fantasy, but this book, sequel to the serviceable Santiago, is crap. I spent at least 200 pages thinking, "Because YOU ARE SANTIAGO!!!" How much farther in advance could Resnick have tipped his hand?Not good. Pick a different Resnick book.

    4. Santiago, the sequel. Sometimes people just need a hero, and if one doesn't appear then you have to create him.

    5. This book is full of bigger than life egocentric antiheroes but none who are admirable. The main character, Danny Briggs, is a thief who concludes that the government is too oppressive and needs to be thwarted. To do so he decides to revitalize a legendary terrorist organization and he goes in search of a leader. He finds one but when they actually begin committing acts of terrorism, he feels they have gone too far. He recruits another. By the end of the book, Danny is indirectly responsible for [...]

    6. Now Resnick is my favorite escapist sci fi author, and I just adore his space age, bounty hunter, cowboy universe. It was Cowboy Bebop before there was a Cowboy Bebop. This book was as vivid and campy and real as I'd wanted it to be, but I was left feeling a bit less than satisfied. It's the story of the return of one of the greatest outlaws/revolutionaries on the Inner Frontier. The problem was that I started anticipating the ending a few chapters before it actually happened, and then there was [...]

    7. This wasn't a bad book. There was a lot of space cowboy action, hilarious and sometimes gratuitous deaths, and lots of fun dialogue. What it lacked, however, was all of the interesting political undercurrent ofSantiago. The plot was completely silly, and the ending was, well, terrible. I'd recommend this if you likedSantiago, but this could have been much stronger.

    8. I love this book, its basically Firefly meets Robinhood. Santiago was a revolutionary, an idea that was used by five different individuals of various professions. And Dante the poet wants to bring Santiago back to put pressure on the Democracy, the book does have a couple of f bombs and very graphic and sometimes shocking violence, but it is worth reading.

    9. This is a very good novel with larger-than-life mythic characters, settings, and events, that was a bit of a let-down simply because the first Santiago novel was so very, very good and there just wasn't much left to add to it.

    10. A disappointing sequel that was predictable from a plot standpoint. The characterization makes up for a lot, but there wasn't the element of mystery that was present in the first Santiago book.

    11. As escapist Fiction it was fair. not quite good but better than fair, so 3 stars. The imagined characters were a lot of fun, great imagery and very diverse troup of characters. The plot danced entertainingly among all the sets, the characters lived, breathed and died very well, but none of them were ones to actually love, thankfully none to loathe either. So we follow the plot with our sense of reality diverted by the universe of humans in display. Easily read.

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