- By Andy Behrens

The Fast and the Furriest

  • Title: The Fast and the Furriest
  • Author: Andy Behrens
  • ISBN: 9780375896026
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • The Fast and the Furriest Meet Kevin Pugh year old couch potato Now meet Cromwell his part beagle part potato chip dog Kevin s looking forward to spending his summer doing as little as possible Unfortunately Kevin s fat

    Meet Kevin Pugh, 12 year old couch potato Now meet Cromwell, his part beagle, part potato chip dog Kevin s looking forward to spending his summer doing as little as possible Unfortunately, Kevin s father, former Chicago Bears star player super sports fanatic, Howie Pugh, feels differently So does Cromwell, who has suddenly and mysteriously developed a fascination withMeet Kevin Pugh, 12 year old couch potato Now meet Cromwell, his part beagle, part potato chip dog Kevin s looking forward to spending his summer doing as little as possible Unfortunately, Kevin s father, former Chicago Bears star player super sports fanatic, Howie Pugh, feels differently So does Cromwell, who has suddenly and mysteriously developed a fascination with agility competitions running up seesaws, leaping over hurdles, soaring through hoops sometimes If he has to do anything, Kevin would rather do something for newly obsessed Cromwell, but dog agility lessons do not constitute a sport in his father s mind, so football camp it is Until some well timed events collide, literally, and soon Kevin s found a way for he and Cromwell to take classes, and the upstart Team Cromwell is born.Andy Behrens has written a hilarious novel with a dry as dirt protagonist who s constantly tortured by the goings on around him It s also a charming story about a boy and his dog, as well as a meaningful and heartfelt look at a relationship between a boy and his father who don t always see eye to eye.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. When I first got the list of the Sunshine State books and researched the books I was really excited about this one. It proved itself to be more disappointing to me. I started this book well over a week ago and I am surprised it took me over a week to read it since it's a mere 250 pages and written for fourth grade reading levels. I had a difficult time getting into the book first of all because it wasn't my style of book, perhaps if I was an elementary school boy I might enjoy it but it was so s [...]

    2. Very cute, unconventional underdog sports story Didn't really buy the dads story arc but overall a fun, funny, fast, furry read!

    3. I honestly loved reading this book. I could really connect with the book, I used to do agility with my dog a lot and this book shows how Kevin gets involved in agility with his dog Cromwell. I really found my self cheering on Cromwell and Kevin in the adventures and obstacles that they went through.Most of this story starts of in Kevin's home, where Kevin would always lay around and be lazy. There were also my parts in this book where the setting took places in dog agility competitions, they wer [...]

    4. I thought it was a good story. Some pretty funny 13 year olds. A strange dog trainer lady and a couple of parents - a little over the top.The young boy that the story is about is, Kevin, who's father is a famous Chicago Bears football player. His father does not believe a sport is a REAL sport unless it involves some kind of a ball. Kevin has a younger sister who is a socker jock. Kevin and his dog, Cromwell,a beagle mixed breed, are basically couch potatoes untill they happen to catch the last [...]

    5. This was a cute young adult book. I found myself really rooting for Cromwell and Kevin and was engaged in the outcome of the agility contests. It was a bit hokey and predictable in spots, but that didn't detract from the story for me. I thought the author did a good job developing the family relationships. And come on, who can't like a book about a beagle!?!?!?

    6. Cormwell is a very lazy dog. But one day he was watching dog agility on TV and started going crazy, jumping hoops, going on many walks with his owner Kevin, and running. Kevin finds dog agility classes for Cormwell and begs his parents to pay for them. But his dad wants Kevin to do “real” sports like football, not dog agility. Kevin is not very good at sports but him and his dog are amazing at dog agility. Will Cormwell and Kevin keep winning without his parents finding out? Of course Cormwe [...]

    7. Part 2 of my 2018 Kick-Off Reread-athon: "The Fast and the Furriest," one of the best and most inspiring underdog stories with more heart than Cromwell has fat. It'll have you cheering, guffawing, and fired up to turn your own lazy dogs into dog agility champions (or the other way around). I absolutely loved Zach's character and all of his hilarious commentary, as well as Izzy, whose bubblegum-talk could never mask the sheer amount of her love and support for her brother and their dog. While a q [...]

    8. Good ending. Getting tired of stories written for children with lousy parents. Ten- and twelve-year-olds shouldn't have to fight their parents over things they don't want or are not comfortable doing. All turns out well in the end but only because clueless parents finally wake up and grow up.

    9. A very cute and surprisingly sweet story of a boy and his dog. Twelve year old Kevin Pugh is a couch potato. He loves nothing more than hiding out in the basement, eating junk food and playing video games. He is somewhat the odd person out in his sports obsessed family. Dad is a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears, while younger sister Izzy is a soccer phenomenon. Kevin has tried hard to be the athletic son his dad wanted him to be, but failed at every sport his dad made him try. As the kick [...]

    10. (From March 2010 SLJ)The classic underdog story goes canine. Twelve-year-old Kevin Pugh leads a comfortable couch-potato existence. While Howie Pugh recalls the glory of playing for the Chicago Bears and tries to motivate his son to follow in his footsteps, Kevin is content to leave athletic glory to his younger soccer-playing sister and to limit his own football exposure to the video-game variety. All of this changes, though, on the day that Kevin, flipping through channels, tunes in to the Pur [...]

    11. I write my reviews in the 5 different categories: Cover/Title, Characters, Plot, Suspense and Overall. I rate each of theses categories 1 to 5 (5 being I loved it, 1 being I hated it)Cover/Title: 4 out of 5There was nothing wrong with the cover. The dog was cute and humorous. The only problem I had was that it lacked color.Characters: 2.5 out 5Kevin was sort of boring to me. There was nothing I hated about him or loved about him. He was just average. I hated the dad throughout the entire story. [...]

    12. The Fast and Furriest Summary Kevin Pugh is a 12 year old boy who loves video games more than anything. He has a sloppy and chubby dog named Cromwell who always annoys him. His little sister Izzy is great at soccer and always makes her dad proud. But every time his dad finds him playing video games, he gets mad. One day, his dad caught him playing video games again, so he called his friend, a football coach, and asked him if Kevin can join the team. His friend agreed, but Kevin didn’t. On his [...]

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    14. Kevin Pugh is a 12 year old from Chicago. His father Howie Pugh played for the Chicago Bears. Kevin has no interest in playing football but his dad is forcing him to play. Kevin gets kicked out of football camp so that he can take his dog Cromwell to an agility contest. He and his dog trained every day for the contest and they both got in really good shape.I really liked the characters in this book. They were very easy to keep up with and were fun to read about. Kevin, the main character is moti [...]

    15. This trimester I read the “Fast and the Furriest”. This book is about a lazy dog Cromwell and his owner, Kevin. While Kevin is watching TV one day with Cromwell they come across a dog agility competition. Believe it or not Cromwell was watching and immediately was inspired by these wonderfully agile dogs. Cromwell who rarely moves at all gets up and runs out the door and into the Pugh’s backyard and starts running around. Kevin who is not the most fit person in the world runs after him co [...]

    16. Wouldn't it be great if your dad played for the Ravens? Or was a retired player for the Ravens? You might think so, but actually, it might not be so great. Kevin Pugh knows what it is like to have a famous NFL player for a dad. His dad played for the Chicago Bears and was GREAT at it. And Kevin is great at football, too. Except his is video game football. And that's just the way Kevin likes it - he is just fine being a couch potato. While his dad is ranting on about team sports and championships [...]

    17. Kevin has always been absolutely horrible at sports. He can't catch, kick, or run to save his life. And, in his family, not playing sports is almost a sin. His father is a former Chicago Bear and his sister is the best young soccer player in Chicago, maybe even Illinois. Kevin prefers his sedentary lifestyle. He and his dog, Cromwell, are just fine on the couch playing video games. Until one when a commercial comes on for a dog agility competition. Cromwell sees the commercial and he is hooked. [...]

    18. I'd give this book 3.5 stars. I just picked this up at random from the library, but right away I was laughing at Behren's witty prose. I also had a soft spot for the tubby main character (not that I'm overweight, but the heroine of my story is also on the heavy side.) I was a little disillusioned, however when I realized the fat, instead of being a character trait that made the hero unique, was a weakness that had to be overcome. I'm all for eating healthy and regular exercise, but the reality i [...]

    19. 12-year-old Kevin feels like he has a lot to live up to: his father is a famous former Bears player and his younger sister is a super soccer player. Kevin, on the other hand, isn’t good at sports at all. Needless to say, his father is not pleased with him.Kevin prefers staying in the basement with his video games and his lazy dog Cromwell. While flipping through channels on the tv one day, Kevin comes across a dog agility competition. He was about to change the channel when he notices Cromwell [...]

    20. Kevin is not that interested in sports and he's not that good at sports. Which is too bad because his dad is a famous, former NFL football player who loves sports and really wants his son to love them, too. In addition, Kevin's sister is a total soccer jock, with trophies everywhere. *sigh* One day, while Kevin is watching TV with Cromwell (his dog), he sees a dog agility competition. Cromwell is immediately inspired to try and Kevin seeks out a dog agility training school. But Dad doesn't want [...]

    21. Kevin Pugh lives in the shadow of his dad, beloved former Chicago Bear, Howie Pugh. His sister is a soccer phenom and his mother is insanely organized, keeping it all together. Kevin is a little more sedentary. His kindred spirit is his dog, Cromwell. He is just as lazy and unmotivated as Kevin, until he sees and ad on TV for dog agility training. Cromwell becomes fascinated, trying to mimic what he sees in the ad. All the sudden, Kevin’s lazy dog wants to run and jump, dragging Kevin with him [...]

    22. The Fast and the Furriest is a sapid and absorbing realistic fiction novel by Andy Behrens. What’s surprising is that lazy dog watched television one day and wanted to jump through tires and start hurdling. Everybody in the Pugh family except for Kevin likes to play sports, until one day his dog his dog watches a TV channel about dog agility drills. Kevin, the trainer and Cromley, the dog really work hard at their new sport to try to win competitions. You would have never thought that a fat, i [...]

    23. This book was great! I love how the book was about not giving up on your decisions.The main character's name is Kevin Pugh. His father was a famous Chicago Bears football player, Howie Pugh. Kevin does not like playing sports at all. Even his dog, Cromwell, is also a couch potato. One day sees a dog-agility competition on TV, and begins to act very strange after watching what he just saw. Cromwell starts to be a normal dog (like starts going on walks and jumping through hoops). Then Kevin starts [...]

    24. Cormwell is the laziest dog on the plant, but when he sees dog agility on T.V he is hooked. Kevin his owner hates sports all he does is play video games. When Kevin finally asked his dad about taking agility classes his dad says "that is not a sport". Kevin and his friend Zach go behind Kevin's dad's back and take the classes any way. Zach pays for the classes with his savings. Kevin goes to the classes three times a week and his parents don't even know he is gone. It all pays off after awhile w [...]

    25. Recommended grades 4-6. RL 660.Kevin's father is a retired football legend and sports fanatic. Kevin is a couch potato. The family dog, Cromwell, is a slug. The only exercise they get is walking to the refrigerator.But then one day the television happens to be showing a dog agility tournament, and Cromwell gets all riled up and tries to jump through a hoop in the back yard (and gets stuck). And that gets Kevin thinking could they do it? Too bad his father doesn't consider dog agility a sport. So [...]

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