- By Virginia Lee Burton Hans Christian Andersen

The Emperor's New Clothes

  • Title: The Emperor's New Clothes
  • Author: Virginia Lee Burton Hans Christian Andersen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Emperor s New Clothes In this hip hilarious retelling Hans Christian Andersen s beloved fairy tale is reimagined by an all star celebrity cast Among the writers are Academy Award winning and nominated actors and actresse

    In this hip, hilarious retelling, Hans Christian Andersen s beloved fairy tale is reimagined by an all star celebrity cast.Among the writers are Academy Award winning and nominated actors and actresses and other personalities from the worlds of entertainment and popular culture Each celebrity contribution is illustrated with a stunning piece of art by illustrators who hIn this hip, hilarious retelling, Hans Christian Andersen s beloved fairy tale is reimagined by an all star celebrity cast.Among the writers are Academy Award winning and nominated actors and actresses and other personalities from the worlds of entertainment and popular culture Each celebrity contribution is illustrated with a stunning piece of art by illustrators who have created some of the most treasured classics of children s literature Caldecott Medal and Honor winners, Kate Greenaway Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, New Yorker cover contributors, and many other internationally esteemed artists.The contributors talents are outshined only by their generosity All of the royalties and contributors fees from this book have been donated to Starbright, an innovative charitable foundation committed to improving the lives of seriously ill children The result is a gift book like no other, a glorious celebration for the whole family.

    1 thought on “The Emperor's New Clothes

    1. Kejserens nye Klæder = The emperor's newclothes, Hans Christian Andersenعنوانها: لباس نو امپراتور؛ لباس جدید پادشاه؛ نویسنده: هانس کریستین اندرسن؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه جولای سال 1977 میلادیعنوان: لباس نو امپراتور - دوزبانه فارسی انگلیسی؛ نویسنده: هانس کریستین اندرسن؛ مترجم: مهناز فصیحی؛ در 24 ص؛ تاریخ نشر: [...]

    2. Conversation between two eight-year-old boys overheard the other day:KID 1: So what do your parents think of Donald Trump?KID 2: They can't stand him. What about yours?KID 1: My dad just thinks he's funny. I'm kinda worried.[The friend who told us the story promises this is true]

    3. Reading other sources about this Andersen fable I came across terms like these: pluralistic ignorance, bystander effect, logical fallacies, and collective denial, all of which remind me more of our current presidential election than they do of this story. A quote that applies to this story is, "from the mouth of babes", might also be helpful in this election.

    4. The evergreen of the child who speaks truth to power is as relevant as ever! "But mum, he is naked!""Hush, child, be quiet! Those are alternative clothes!"

    5. I can vividly remember the first time I read The Emperor's New Clothes, as a small child. I remember how excited I felt at opening the slim envelope, which was addressed to me personally and had come all the way from the North Pole! I could barely contain myself. My parents swore that they had had nothing to do with it. I had written a letter to Santa Claus and posted it in the post box, as they showed me. Now here it was, an actual reply from Father Christmas himself. And not only that, but he [...]

    6. قبل از اینکه آندرسن این داستان را بنویسد ،شیخ بهایی نزدیک به صد یا دویست سال قبل از وی مندیل خیال را در کتاب موش و گربه اش نگاشته است و احتمال اینکه سرقت ادبی صورت گرفته باشد وجود داردلباس جدید پادشاه جزو داستان های محبوب کودکی ام بودفقط به دلیل بالا یک ستاره کم دادماگر خلافش ث [...]

    7. From the very beginning of the story I had gotten the idea. Because the same story I had seen in one of my most favourite serials, Hatim ( It is an old Indian serial not new. My Pakistani and Indian friends might have watched this ). I loved this serial and will love this throughout my life.OVERVIEW This is the story of an emperor who is very fond of new clothes. He wants new cloth in every next hour. One day, two pretenders come to him and claim that they can make a suit by which we can know if [...]

    8. کودکی من با داستان های این نویسنده گذشته، یادمه یه کتاب بود جلد آبی رنگ و یکی قرمز رنگ که آبی رنگه مال من و قرمزه مال برادرم بود ،هر دو مال این نویسنده بود. عالی بود و خیلی خوب. در مورد این داستان هم بگم که، برام جای سوال بو پادشاه چطور خودش نمیتونه متوجه بشه که لباس نپوشیده؟ :/

    9. یه داستان خیلی ساده و کوتاه، و حتی به ظاهر برای کودکان، چه‌قدرررر حرف می‌تونه برای گفتن داشته باشهانگلیسیشو خوندم و خیلی لذتبخش بود.

    10. من أحدي المميزات القليلة للغاية من دراسة الأدب الانجليزى - فى الجامعات المصرية - انه قد تُقابل بعض الأدب الذي يعجبك حقاً بعيداً عن هراء المواد الآخري وفى مادة النقد الأدبي قابلت بعض القصص منهم تلك القصة الرائعة والمضحكة جداً ايضاً قصة أمير ينفق كل ما يملك على الملابس الجديد [...]

    11. The retelling of the classic story, the emperor is a little high on himself and loves to flaunt his endless supply of new clothes. When two robbers, posing as weavers, arrive at court, they promise to create such a wonderful outfit that only those worth of their posts and with enough intellect will actually be able to see the fabric. The emperor is curious and hires them on the spot, promising any and all supplies that they need. As the weaving progresses, the emperor is curious and sends a repr [...]

    12. از اولین کتابایی بود که از کتابخونه ی مدرسه گرفتم! خیلی برام جذاب بود چندبار واسه خودم و بقیه ی اعضای خونه خوندم که اونا هم درس عبرت بگیرن؛)

    13. THIS STORY IS SO OFFENSIVE!If the little boy didn't like the emperor's new outfit why didn't he "just not say anything" and why did he have to "judge" the emperor like that? He must think he's soooo much better than everyone else. Doesn't he know diversity is what makes the world beautiful?(I feel the need to point out this review is sarcastic, because I know too many people who would legitimately say that If not when the situation is in fairy tale form, I've seen it happen in real life way too [...]

    14. I ask my kids what they thought the moral of the story is. Here are their answers.The 14 year old: Don't be an idiot. Any moron should know that they are naked no matter what they are being told.The 11 year old: If you can't tell you are naked, you should not be king. Let the kid be king. At least he could see the truth.The 9 year old: Always tell the truth, even if it makes people sad or cry.So there you go. All three are girls and they all had a different take on it. I always liked this story [...]

    15. خیلی اتفاقی توی گودریدز به این کتاب برخوردم، همانجوری که اتفاقی توی کتاب فروشی وقتی 4،5 سالم بود دیدمش از محبوبهای بچگیم بود این کتاب :))) خیلی دوستش میداشتم.

    16. Loved the Europe circa 1913 setting in the illustrations!!! The translations was nothing remarkable for me, but I've always loved this story and it was nice seeing it with it's "new clothes" (i.e the refreshing illustrations) :-)Thanks, Chandra, for the recommendation!

    17. Two weavers promise the vain emperor new clothers tha only the unfit for their position can't see, when the emperor goes for the procession, the townsfolk play along with the pretense, not desiring to appear stupid or unfit for their position, and so did the emperor, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all, the sentence is taken up by the crowed, but the emperor continues his procession.One of my favorite political satire ever!

    18. Such a beautiful and amazing story full of lessons i loved it and absolutely gonna read it to my sweetie 6 years old nephew♥️

    19. بهترین کتاب دوران کودکی من اونقدر برام خونده بودن که حفظ شده بودم و باوجودیکه خوندن بلد نبودم میدونستم سرکدوم صفحه باید خوندن روقطع کنم و برم صفحه ی بعدی

    20. Andersen's timeless story is the best summation of political behavior ever written. It should be required reading for every political science major and anyone interested in politics and government. Andersen predicted and distilled the essence of modern political campaigns, especially in the United States.

    21. This has always been one of my favorite tales as I think its moral is so wise. In this edition, the illustrations are fabulous. I adored all the many dogs (mostly naked of course) that appear on nearly every page. (I was almost tempted to make a dogs shelf but then I’d feel obligated to add all my books about dogs, something I’ve successfully managed to resist doing thus far.)

    22. I guess this story must have engendered the cynicism I retain to this day. A child should read this before being let loose on newspapers and adverts

    23. I enjoy this fairy tale and believe it sends a good message of not being a follower. I had not heard this story before this assignment so the concept was intriguing. I had trouble finding 3 fractured versions however, so one of my fractured versions falls under the book on . The original is well done and I think it would be good to share with younger children. The version that also falls under this review was the same story but portrayed in a fashion more applicable to our time. The illustration [...]

    24. This book is about a money who is an emperor of a kingdom and always wears the fanciest clothes. Then tailor comes along who is going to make a special outfit for the Emperor out of a material that only special people can see.This book is great for students of all ages to read. The K-2 may need the teacher to help but since the illustrations are very well drawn and the events of the story are exciting for the students to read about.This book is a great way to teach student about predictions. The [...]

    25. A fairy tale by Hans Cristian Anderson, what's not to love? This story was referenced in a a book I recently read. I felt the need to tie them together. A delightful story and narrative on human nature.

    26. The fable of "The Emperor's New Clothes" tells the story of a very vain emperor who only wants the best attire that the world has to offer. When he hears of this new "invisible" clothing, he demands that he must have it because it is the best. His servants anxiously work on his clothes and when they are "finished", the emperor is stark naked but pleased. He struts among his peasants, who all pretend to revere him, until a child cries out that he is naked and everyone agrees. The foolish emperor [...]

    27. Like Anderson's short story "The Snow Queen" the Emperor's new clothes emphasizes the virtues of childlikeness in contrast to the pride of those who have grown up in all the wrong ways.I of course was vaguely familiar with the classic story, primarily with how it took a child to speak the obvious, but I knew none of the details, and they were delightful to learn and they made the story all the better.

    28. Classic story that teaches a morals lesson at the same time:) In this story, the Emperor ends up looking like a complete fool when he is talked into buying a suit of "invisible" clothing, & ends up walking around nude. It's humbling lesson for him, & he learns that rich men & wise men can be fooled by greed & pride.

    29. children, euphoria and truth come together here. debunking myths is for grownups a second nature as long it's not one of themself.

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