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Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Triton

  • Title: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Triton
  • Author: Randolph Lalonde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast Triton Captain Valance has taken the Triton to the Enreega System The Samson crew man the massive Sol Defence vessel with the help of deserters and are soon joined by recently displaced refugees Though they

    Captain Valance has taken the Triton to the Enreega System The Samson crew man the massive Sol Defence vessel with the help of deserters and are soon joined by recently displaced refugees Though they may have taken possession of the mighty ship, the battle to keep and tame her is only beginning She s filled with surprises and secrets.While the Samson crew and their newCaptain Valance has taken the Triton to the Enreega System The Samson crew man the massive Sol Defence vessel with the help of deserters and are soon joined by recently displaced refugees Though they may have taken possession of the mighty ship, the battle to keep and tame her is only beginning She s filled with surprises and secrets.While the Samson crew and their new allies fight for control over their new ship, the Fourth Fall Of Mankind is beginning Billions of lives will irrevocably change and those who managed to find a reprieve will have to choose a side in a war few are given the opportunity to comprehend.

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    1. Spinward Fringe Triton is the continuing story of Jonas Valent/Jake Valence. After five novellas in the series, this is Lalonde's first full-length novel, and it feels like he is really hitting his stride. I won't spoil the reunion wth Jonas and Jake, but I will say the outcome really caught me by surprise. It was also great seeing some familiar faces from the First Light crew brought back into the story. Lalonde is setting up an epic war, and this book continues to layout the different sides, t [...]

    2. Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0, 1 & 2 were very enjoyable reads and all deserve 4 stars; however, Broadcast 3 Triton is a different story and deserves 2.5 stars, but I'm rounding up to 3 stars. Most of the little irritating aspects of the first five novelas were tolerable because of great characters and enjoyable storylines. Those same irritations have become BIG in Triton. I mean really, how many times do I have to read about a vac suit? Or the color of room decor and furnishings? Or how someb [...]

    3. The series has petered out for me on this volume. I may have had my fill of it. When the author confines himself to military sci-fi, it works well. But, this volume is all about developing relationships and here he falls down. The characters are stereotypical, for the most part, all bad-asses in their own way, and when the author shows them as being vulnerable or just less than bad-ass, it rings hollow.Another problem I had is that this volume goes on and on about the ship the characters are in. [...]

    4. The continuation of the Spinward Fringe Saga by Randolp Lalonde. Please see my review on the "First Light Chronicals." The story continues and it's exciting, fun and enjoyable. Jake Valance works his warrior magic while his supporting cast of mostly new characters from the Sampson, become integrated with the old cast from the First Light. A new evil arises and the galaxy is in turmoil. Great story, great heroes and villains. Some wonderful general themes of inclusion and human nature as well as [...]

    5. I really am enjoying this series. I am loving the old, new and slightly different characters. This book in particular had some parts that made me say "really, what are you doing" commenting to the author as I am reading. And then there was a little bit of predictability near the end for me. But that is ok because at the end something happened that surprised me. Looking forward to the next book.

    6. Very well done. The resurrection of the most dangerous woman in the history of this universe is pleasantly terrifying. I've already purchased the rest of the series based on this book. Thank you once again, for another great book!

    7. It’s getting better all the time. The author has outdone himself. He has written a series that reads like a group of individual stories with similar characters and changing storylines. Although the characters are the same they are changing due to medical advancements. So they have their old memories, but different psychological makeups. It keeps the characters interesting and evolving. The storyline is constantly changing and, even with the same protagonists, it doesn’t get repetitive. Usual [...]

    8. It only gets better from hereI’m going back and reviewing the series in it’s entirety, this has become one of my favorite series, and with a new book or two every year being added, it just keeps getting better and better. The author uses a neat trick to recycle characters and give them new life, keeps the story interesting and by book 5 or so, it becomes an addiction to keep going. I only wish I could rediscover this series, as I had such a good time binge reading the first four or five when [...]

    9. As with the rest of this series so far, I would say the plot is showing some interesting twists and turns. The science, though, is less than stellar (pun intended). I keep reading though.

    10. Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Triton, Randolph LalondeI must say that I was slightly disappointed with Triton and think that the book has fallen short of the quality of its predecessors. Sadly, I found the dialogue weak, the action bland and there was no real plot to the book. It had purpose, yes, and is unarguably important to the series, but it's far from a page-turner and became quite boring in parts.As with the rest of Spinward Fringe, Triton begins right where the last book left off and pick [...]

    11. The magic continues!OK, so you know how some series start out strong and then get kind of anemic by the time they get to the third or fourth book? Well, that's not happening here! This was a strong story in its own right but also added so much to the Spinward Fringe saga. The new characters that we meet are wonderful. Engineer Liam is in my mental image almost like a Jedi Knight but without the Force and light sabre. Sort of a cross between Obiwan Kenobi and, just to annoy purists, Scott AND Spo [...]

    12. It'd been a while since I read the previous installment of this series and in the beginning of this one it really showed as I couldn't really recall who everyone was and how they fit in to the narrative. It wasn't a huge problem though as I gradually started to fit the pieces together and whilst not remembering everything that has happened before I was quickly immersed in the story nonetheless. That being said this book felt to me like a transit between the previous stories and what is yet to co [...]

    13. The book picks up from the previous, quickly throwing the reader into the middle of fast action and the unexpected deaths of characters, old and new. One death early on really took me by surprise.Not a bad read but I was bothered at times by something which is probably quite trivial - smiling.Perhaps I'm being a bit glum during this cold winter month but people seemed to be smiling a lot in this book. Things were too often said 'with a smile' or with characters 'smirking', in particular when the [...]

    14. A very creative, well written space series. Much like reading Star Trek, or Battle Star Galactica, but I belive with characters I like much more. The author is VERY creative and comes up with stuff I haven't heard of before, the story is shaping up in ways that can be very interesting. The writing is very clean (no overt sex) and vulgarities are very few and far between (kudos for writing something family friendly, yet involved enough to draw in adults). Very intersted in reading the remainder o [...]

    15. Every bit as good as the first two books in the Spinward Fringe series and another captivating book by one of the most under rated writers in Military Science Fiction. Lalonde's potential is endless. If you like Battlestar Galactica, the Lost Fleet series, Starship Troopers, or the Forever War, then this series is for you.SPOILER ALERTSome people that we thought were lost returned (Finn and Minh Chu) and others were lost forever in the form that we knew them at least (Ayan and Jonas). All in all [...]

    16. The way Lalonde has pulled all the various plot points together is amazing. I was fully ready to give this installment at least four stars. However, there are three points in the plot that kind of jarred me out of the story line. There are some reunions and character meetings you have been waiting for for quite some time, and it just kind of goes not wrong, but not the way you think it should.As a writer, I understand why Mr. Lalonde makes the choices he does, but as a reader, I was a bit disap [...]

    17. -“The day approaches when insanity will grip what we have grown to trust. In every forest there is a burning, to every species comes a culling, and in time every program crashes. All so these things can be reborn, so everything from the smallest system to the whole of the galaxy can be renewed.”I read Spinward Fringe 3: Triton by Randolph Lalonde with relish and delight, so happy to return to the world of Captain Valance and crew(Click here to read the complete review).

    18. This book is terrible. I got about 20% into it and then put it down in disgust. If you're going to read any of this series, stop before you get to this book. Spoiler alert: the main character from the first book, that's reintroduced in book 3, is killed off clumsily and for no reason except that it might have complicated the focus on the doppleganger-clone and made a more interesting story. Please don't waste your money on this book - caveat lector!

    19. I have no idea how Randolph Lalonde has kept me entertained so well for so long! He just pumps these books out one after another after another and the story just keeps on going. Probably one of the better space operas for your money, and probably one of the series most closely related to Firefly that I have read. Would love to hear anyone's opinion on another space opera series that is closer to the cult classic.

    20. First paragraph, "The stone market steps showed the passage of billions. Pandem was known as the twenty third world fully colonized by humans. Alaka and his family enjoyed living there."Lalonde, Randolph (2008-08-01). Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Triton (Kindle Locations 79-81). Randolph Lalonde. Kindle Edition.

    21. FantasticFantasticThis book shows a huge leap in character development over the previous ones, which were excellent books to start with. I truly think this author will become a moving force in sci-fi alongside the likes of Asimov, Bradbury, McCaffrey and Heinlein. I can't wait to read the next one.

    22. Like many of LaLonde's other books in this series it is an easy read without having to focus on the details too much. At times it almost seems as if there is more than one person wrong this because some chapters do a better job of telling a story while other chapters have an almost mind-numbing focus on technology details to the point that themes and plots are disregarded.

    23. A continuation of a great story with plenty more lined up for the future of the series.Deep, fantastic characters with some ingenious use of technology that really keeps you hooked into the story until you realise you've finished the book and need more.Worth a read for any Sci-fi fan or anybody who just enjoys a deep set of characters.

    24. Triton, the third episode of the Spinward Fringe series. They just keep getting better, I feel. This one seems to advance quite nicely, starts out action packed, slows it down a bit, but all in all moves the plot along nicely with some cool twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    25. I didn't get quite as much enjoyment out of this volume as the previous two, but it was still a very enjoyable read. Events are gaining complexity and characters developing. I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment.

    26. this ones different, but it gets back into the grove of things. when you least expect it something will happen to tear your heart out. at the end theres another suprise. there were a couple overused concepts & things that felt slightly like filler, but they were interestingly done.

    27. I am so getting into this series. It just keeps getting better and better. I'm so glad Oz is still here. I like so many of the characters in this story, some I love to love and some I love to hate. I like the plot development and just really appreciate a well told story. I'm shamelessly hooked.

    28. More character development than action in this installment of the series. Although Lalonde may be stretching it a bit with the "Is the character dead on not?" plot device, I really like these characters and I enjoyed the story. I'll be continuing on with the series.

    29. I am really enjoying the Spinward series and am already onto book 4. Book 3 picks up the action and storyline and moves it along very nicely with several major surprises (at least to me) for major characters and a gradual unveiling of the threat facing the system.

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