- By Robert J. Hutchinson

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible

  • Title: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible
  • Author: Robert J. Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9781596985209
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible In the beginning the Bible triggered a revolution in human thought and later established Western civilization s moral and philosophical foundation Many people though from authors to pundits mo

    In the beginning, the Bible triggered a revolution in human thought and later established Western civilization s moral and philosophical foundation Many people though from authors to pundits mo

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    1. Well, without going into my own beliefs in great detail, this is an interesting book. I've had several of the "Politically Incorrect Guides" around for some time and am just now getting to some of them. What we get here is a pretty main stream book based in apologetics for basic Christian and Jewish belief. The author using authoritative sources answers and repudiates common arguments and questions that have been commonly raised.While many will not agree with all the "doctrines" espoused (the bo [...]

    2. Jesus Christ why? Why did these people publish yet another travesty of literature in the reprehensible politically incorrect series? Like the others before it, this book is a woeful receptacle of half-truths, stereotypes, and outright lies. Let's take a brief look at the claims made on the cover shall we?"The Bible promotes human freedom"Well except for those parts that advocate slavery, inequality for women, and brutal, senseless violence."The Bible made modern science possible (which is why it [...]

    3. On the surface this book should be a fact filled book about truths concerning the Bible, unfortunately it is not. There are plenty of facts in this book but I get the distinct feeling that there are plenty of facts left out that conflict with the authors views. The author uses some very dubious logic (not unlike certain politically conservative commentators) to make his point.Reading this book we are left with the view that all Christians share the same beliefs; thus an evangelical Christian sha [...]

    4. A fairly good read. It was a defense of the Bible as a valid text, historically accurate, from God, and trustworthy. If you have read books before that defend Christianity this would be a helpful refresher.

    5. The book starts out from an ill position, it attempts to make relevant the religious texts of the Bible. A theological manuscript it needs no defence nor validation, it is simply a body of work used to help define the customs, rituals, histories and practices of a set theology. If one is a believer then it matters little of the credibility or validity of the book.What makes the defence worse is that the authour does not really defend anything. Instead, as is often the case, he cherry picks eleme [...]

    6. This edition of the Politically Incorrect Guides discusses much of what we know, and don't know, about The Bible. Robert Hutchinson has done his homework on this one, and has produced a book chock full of facts and interesting quotes. The book includes an introduction Chapter, which discusses the claims made by atheists and critics of The Bible, and gives them the opportunity to make their case against it. Then the fun starts.The book covers archaelogical evidence which supports biblical records [...]

    7. A formidable defense of the Bible against those who would challenge its historicity, authenticity, scientific accuracy, uniqueness, influenciality (I just checked Dictionary and discovered that isn't actually a word), infallibility, and moral supremacy. The best thing about this book is also its biggest flaw: it's very broad in scope and covers a whole lot of ground, but is therefore unable to go as in-depth into certain areas as I would have liked. I tend to disagree that Biblical Christianity [...]

    8. While it was rife with excuses for why God is a complete jerk most of the time, it does have a lot of great facts as to why Christianity isn't always the bad guy. Hutchinson could have really won me over with his research if he'd spent a little less time defending mass murder and telling me I should have babies.

    9. This was a really great and fun read about the big but little known facts about the Bible, I really recommend it! The Bible can be completely trusted.

    10. I'm Getting ready to read a few book on atheism, so I'm hopping this book will mentally prepare for the mental torture I'm about to put myself through.

    11. Comprei o livro porque achei que era uma coletânea de curiosidades sobre a Bíblia, mas de fato o livro é uma apologia do Cristiano e das verdades contidas na Bíblia. O autor refuta com argumentos sólidos todos os ataques feitos por ateus da atualidade como Richard Dawkins. É um relato emocionante de como a Bíblia influenciou o mundo permitindo que se chegasse a sociedade livre ocidental de hoje, exatamente o contrário do que seus inimigos apregoam. Um livro essencial para Cristãos e pen [...]

    12. As I've said before about the P.I.G. series, they're at their best when they spend time making points you might not have considered before to bolster the "politically incorrect" point of view, and at their worst when they engage in bickering with certain individuals holding opposing viewpoints. Although it doesn't start well, this one quickly gets much better and focuses most of its effort on showing how western liberal democratic ideals come from and are shaped largely by a world created by the [...]

    13. Interesante texto, remarca hechos históricos que ciertas corrientes académicas les gustaría olvidar. Partiendo de la gran diferencia de las leyes de Moises respecto a las leyes de los pueblos antiguos hasta su legado de establecer los derechos inalienables del hombre en las constituciones de los países de occidente. Muestra así la Biblia como fuente de ideas de justicia, razón e democracia e su influencia en grandes hombres que les inspiro cambiar su tiempo, así tenemos por ejemplo cient [...]

    14. It's nice to see someone explore all the evidence that the Bible is true. The author dismantles, one by one, arguments that the Bible is wholly or in part a work of fiction. Though that sounds dry, he presents it in a lively and entertaining way with sometimes humorous asides. I also enjoyed features like "Books Atheists Would Like to Burn" and quotes from famous scientists, politicians, etc. promoting the Bible.

    15. I was pretty sure I knew a lot on the subject and yet this book told me quite a couple of new and veeery interesting things. Some very strong points. One random thing from the book that comes to mind was the unflattering parallel between some modern critics and and a 1st century one I can't have any respect for people who don't do their homework and talk based on hearsay. I got quite a lot of solid data from this one so I must say I liked it.

    16. This is a very good book for its purposes. It is only fashioned combative apologetics, attacking hostile Enlightenment modernity at every level. I liked it. But I am a conservative theologically.The book is NOT academic. It had one epithet I found disturbing. The author called Fr. Drinan an idiot. That should have no place, evenin combative apologetics.

    17. The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the BibleThis is a respectful response to skeptics and those who try to denigrate the Bible, covering several of the main topics and quite documented. I will revisit it.

    18. This was not only educational, but also entertaining. I will likely re-read to absorb more of the material, as there was a lot there. I found this to be a well-argued presentation of the impact the Bible has had on humanity.

    19. This entire line of books is incredibly good, chocked full of information you usually don't find in history books or classes, giving new light to "accepted" history.A very nice overview of the Bible and refutes the charges of anti-religious nuts with fact and quotes from Scripture.

    20. This is a fun book that I think anyone should be able to understand. Even the first few pages jump out with great quotes and facts. Might even be a good book for a small group to go through who wants to learn some interesting things that most believers should know.

    21. Interesting read for people who are into studying the bible from a theological prespective. Though I am Christian, I think it was a little too biased for Christians. It should have discussed both sides more so that Atheists might enjoy it as well!

    22. Interesting book with solid references. Mr. Hutchinson makes a convincing argument for the importance of the Bible to Western Civilization in general and to the United States in particular.

    23. Kind of like the P.I.G. to American History, it is a great supplemental resource. It can read like The Beginner's Guide to the Bible, but it does impart some interesting facts and information.

    24. Um livro espetacular. Os temas abordados são de grande relevância para os nossos dias. Um livro que ser-me-á muito útil em pesquisas futuras.

    25. More of a 2.5. I usually like the Politically Incorrect Guides, and as a Christian, I thought I'd like this more. It was okay.

    26. I guess I would have to know what is politically correct to get why there needs to be a book discussing what is PI. The book was confusing and not very in-depth.

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