- By Bryan Davis


  • Title: Warrior
  • Author: Bryan Davis
  • ISBN: 9780310718376
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Warrior For years tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world while for a slave girl named Koren the stories of a human world seem pure my

    For years, tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home.The Dragon Prince Has Hatched The stakeFor years, tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home.The Dragon Prince Has Hatched The stakes are raised when the foretold prince is crowned While Koren and Jason race to the Northlands of Starlight to find the one person who can help them free the human slaves, Elyssa and Wallace strive to locate Jason and assist his quest Soon, all four discover that the secrets of Starlight extend much further than they had imagined Meanwhile, Randall and Tibalt have returned to Major Four and find themselves teamed with the dragon Magnar, who has arrived to help thwart the governor.No one knows how the prophecy will be fulfilled, but one thing is clear than ever, the survival of the dragons depends on humankind, and they will do anything to prevent the slaves from escaping.

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    1. If I could give this a negative rating, I would. I wanted to like this book. I won it from ' FirstReads, and am nothing if not honest so I was determined to give it a fair shot. Nevermind that I gave the first book two stars because It Had Issues, I approached this one with an open mind. IT DIDN'T WORK. Every point I made about what was wrong with the first book made a reappearance. Setting (where are we? Would it kill the author to give us a description?), characters (they're all awful. More on [...]

    2. After rescuing the miners from Starlight and sending them back to Darksphere, Jason remains on Starlight to continue to try to free the humans there. Elyssa returns as well, leaving Randall and Tibalt on Darksphere. While Koren continues to fight against the captivity of the new king of the dragons, Jason travels to the Northlands to seek the white dragon and try to find a way to bring out the freedom of his people. Meanwhile, the former dragon king and the dragon priest travel to Darksphere, se [...]

    3. I won this ARC in a First Read giveaway!**This review contains spoilers from the first book, so you may not want to read this if you haven't read Starlighter yet.**This is the second installment in the Dragons of Starlight series. It is not really one that you can read without having read the first book in the series. At the end of Starlight, Koren has allowed herself to be recaptured by the dragons, with Jason in tow. At the Zodiac, Koren and Jason manage to trick Magnus and Zena into letting [...]

    4. Woah, after finishing Starlighter, I wondered how the book could get any better. But it did!This book continues from Starlighter, when Taushin, the prophesised prince from the black egg hatches. He's gotten a hold of Koren and is using chains to force her to love him. Meanwhile, Jason and Elyssa are trying to free the slaves while Randall and Tibalt have returned to Darksphere/Major Four to try and raise an army. The tightly written storyline from Starlighter continues in Diviner, and I don't th [...]

    5. This book begins pretty might right where the last book left off, which I think is a good thing. It helps us jump right into the story line without having to try too hard to remember where we left off. I wasn't too happy with this book though. While the first book immersed us into the world, this book began in the world and jumped back and forth between the plane of dragons and enslaved humans, and the world where humans currently live as free people, it just didn't seem to be full of the same d [...]

    6. I like this series by Bryan Davis, but then I have a soft spot for dragons, and a Christian fantasy with dragons characters intrigues me. I like the world here, and I do like the various human and dragon characters. There's a surprising number, and surprising number of "sides" at work here.In this the second book about humans from one world working to free humans enslaved by dragons in another, a prophesied dragon egg is born, who claims to want to lead both dragons and humans into prosperity. B [...]

    7. DRAGONS OF STARLIGHT: WARRIORBy Bryan DavisThe black egg has and the blind dragon prince – Taushin is ready to fulfill the prophecy. But Taushin needs Koren and her Starlighter abilities to the enable him to resurrect the fallen star Exodus. But can Koren believe anything that Taushin tells her?Meanwhile Jason continues his journey into the Northlands and the realm of the White Dragon, where, according to Cassabrie, he will be tested. If Jason fails what will be the fate of the “lost ones” [...]

    8. This book was an excellent continuance of the first book in the series. This is the book that I originally won so it was a bit confusing when I first started reading it. I went out and purchased the first book in the series and went from there. This book went a bit further into the character's lives and it's a bit weird to think that everything happening has just been within a few days. The main characters are still Koren (Starlighter), Jason (the hero),and Elyssa (The Diviner). We are introduce [...]

    9. I received this book as a First-Reads winner. Sweet!There is so much going on with each character seemingly heading in different directions. But all working together for the common goal. There is much frustration, wanting them to succeed, but there are so many obstacles they encounter along each path in this second adventure of the Dragons of Starlight. It was difficult to put the book down but I had to give up reading when my eyes would cross from trying to read quickly through to the end of ea [...]

    10. Book Review: WarriorAuthor: Bryan DavisAnother excellent book by Mr.Davis. A wonderful read for YA and Adult as well. The struggles that each character faces is something young adults can relate too as they travel their journey through life. I was left on the edge of my seat wondering what choice they would make. In fact I almost sent a message to Mr. Davis to yell at him for writing such a suspenseful book, because I spent a few nights having trouble putting the book down so I could go to sleep [...]

    11. In episode two of "Make it weirder"Jason is possessed, our character meet a bunch of magical ghosts, and the prophesied black dragon pops out of his egg with a plan to rule the world. Yeah, it gets pretty weird.I really did enjoy how this book incorporated points that it touched on in the last book. For example, (view spoiler)[Cassabrie (hide spoiler)] actually turns out to be important. Great foreshadowing there. Also, the tension built up by multiple stories at the same time really worked out [...]

    12. win yay :)I never read the first book so the beginning was definitely a bit confusing because the author did not discuss about Starlight/Starlighter was. However, after reading on, I felt like I was in the story and I didn't want to put the book down. There were too many characters though and sometimes that made me a bit confused of who I was reading about. I think this is my first time reading about dragons and I found it quite interesting. I liked the story-line too of humans/starlighters tryi [...]

    13. I won this as a first reads on . I wasn't sure at first if I would like it. Came close to not finishing it but I did. Good thing to as it turned out to be a good book. I have not read the first book in this series but that didn't matter. It is a delightful world of dragons and humans working together to set a world right and go against evil forces. You really don't get to lost from the first book if you haven't read it. It just kinda fills in as you read the things that have already happened.

    14. I'm sorry. It's just not good.It's way too complicated. Not in an intriguing way. Just an annoying way. It's pointless. All of it.All of the characters are exactly the same. Literally. Oh my gosh.There are a few interesting things here and there. Taushin is freaking horrifying. Exodus isting. I guess. I don't know.I know it's supposed to be allegorical or whatever, but it kind of fails there too. Cassabrie and her stupid "I can't tell you" "you're a failure" "it's a secret" crap is unbearable. M [...]

    15. I won this through the First Reads program. I hadn't read the first book, but I was still excited to read this one! I really loved the characters in this book. I could relate to them so well. And by the end, I was screaming for them to make the decisions that I wanted them to make. The novel really sucks you in. My only problem with the book is that it was kind of slow in the middle, and it ends with a cliffhanger. I definitely want to go back and read the first one, and I would recommend this [...]

    16. This is a givaway book review.Really liked this book. I loved how it went between the different worlds. i thought it the idea of dragons owning/ruling humans was a neat concept. Loved all the main characters (even though there were quite abit). At times it was slow reading. But over all i couldn't put the book down. There are a ton of plots and mysteries to be solved. This book makes you want to the next book in the series. Can't wait to see what he has in store for the next books.Teenagers wil [...]

    17. This is one of those books that has a lot of complex sub-plots and many characters and even cultural issues to think about, learn, and discuss. It's a richly drawn world that you can really sink your teeth into. It's hard to talk too much about it without feeling like I've given something important away. I did like how it wasn't black and white with all the dragons being good or bad and that sort of thing.

    18. Great storytelling! I really admire Davis's ability to drip feed the clues and answers to his mysteries and stretch the suspense out over the course of a series. This is the halfway point in the Dragons of Starlight series and even though some of the back story has filled in many gaps there are still enough unanswered questions that i have no doubt that it will take two more books to bring this tale to a satisfying conclusion.

    19. I thought the beginning kinda went off into left field a bit with some weird stuff I couldn't really follow very wellbut the more I read the clearer the weird stuff became and then it wasn't so weird. :P haha. If that makes any sense. It just seemed to me that the fantasy was going way off track, but then towards the end the author brought it all together very nicely and I ended up enjoying this bookt quite as much as part 1 but sill very much.

    20. I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It had as much story as the first one but seemed rambling. I feel like there are too many 'main plots' and too many main characters. I am also having some issues with blending scifi with fantasy. I suppose it's done but here it doesn't seem to work. I do think some young adventurers I know would love this book. Lot's of action!! Strong female characters, working along with strong male characters. Also strong dragon characters!!

    21. This book is about 3 ½ stars but I’m rounding up to 4. It picks up right after Starlighter so it will be helpful to have read the first book in the series. The story was well paced and I found myself reading thru the night. The characters have developed well especially Jason. I’m not going to give too much away but the ending was the perfect setup for the next book. All and all I enjoyed it, didn’t have much to be picky about, so yeah I liked it.

    22. I really enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed learning more about the characters and the things that they had to get accomplished to get the bigger goal done which is to set the captive slaves of the dragon world free.The things that happened in this book were awesome and i was not expecting them. I really enjoyed the story.This being the second book that I read of Bryan Davis' books, I really enjoy the way he tells the story of Koren, Jason, Elyssa and the other characters in this series.

    23. Loved it! Davis is an excellent writer. This book picks up nicely where first left off. While I understand Koren's character, I wish she would be stronger. I really don't like it when the female characters shows weakness for too long. Loved the build on the relationship between Elyssa and Wallace. I would like to see where that leads. I'm hoping things turn out well for Jason and Koren, but now there is Cassabrie, which ads to the plot. Can't wait for the next installment.

    24. It wasn't quite my liking I found it quite boring and Ya I only started reading the 3rd book but I found out there were 4 and I kust couldn't finish half the 3rd and ya I know this is the 2nd book rating but I'm here to warn you not to read the second to spare u the reading of this book if that made sense

    25. I was totally absorbed into the world created in the second installment of the Starlighters by Bryan Davis. The fantasy world of dragons that enslave humans and the quests for freedom from their captors and political corruption story line kept the pages turning in this young adult novel. My only complaint is that it keeps you waiting for the next in the series.

    26. Full review here: oliviasinkspots/2I enjoyed this. There wasn't really a lot of climax like I had expected, and more backstory and explanation. But that was really helpful, and I appreciated the information. It was delivered throughout the book, spread with action and suspense. I'm interested to see how things unfold.

    27. This is the 2nd book in the Dragons of Starlight series. It's not a "stand alone" since you need the background information in order to understand the various storylines and track the many characters throughout their individual challenges. A good transition novel which reveals more about the mythology connecting the 2 planets, Starlight and Darksphere.

    28. An enjoyable and quick read, easily accessible for young adult readers. Having not read the first book in this series I can't speak to continuity, however the characters were easily identifiable and their relationships were usually apparent with back story provided when necessary. Looking forward to the next installment.

    29. I really only read this because the first one didn't have an ending and I really wanted to know how it ends.but turns out there is a third one. Not sure if I will read it or not. Not a bad story if you are into dragons and stuff, but I had a hard time getting through it. I do like Cassabrie though :)

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