- By CLAMP Mika Onishi Anita Sengupta

Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 2

  • Title: Cardcaptor Sakura, Book 2
  • Author: CLAMP Mika Onishi Anita Sengupta
  • ISBN: 9781595825919
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Book The beautiful new teacher in Sakura s class Kaho Mizuki soon reveals that she s a shrine maiden with magic powers of her own But as always the struggle to capture the Clow cards is woven together w

    The beautiful new teacher in Sakura s class, Kaho Mizuki, soon reveals that she s a shrine maiden with magic powers of her own But as always, the struggle to capture the Clow cards is woven together with the mysterious and complicated threads of love and affection between Sakura and all the people in her life Will her heart be strong enough as she faces the one who wThe beautiful new teacher in Sakura s class, Kaho Mizuki, soon reveals that she s a shrine maiden with magic powers of her own But as always, the struggle to capture the Clow cards is woven together with the mysterious and complicated threads of love and affection between Sakura and all the people in her life Will her heart be strong enough as she faces the one who will judge her worthiness to master the cards at last

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    1. "I don't want to be your master. I want to be your friend."Some parts were hilarious and literally had me laughing and other parts were so heartfelt and emotional that I could feel my heart breaking and tears close by. I still love these characters and the interactions and I love seeing more in depth stuff as this series continues. I grew to really like Kaho Mizuki. I'm not sure how I feel about (view spoiler)[Yue considering his connection to Yukito. I love Yukito and Yue seems a little hard an [...]

    2. Art is fantastic but it is indeed a but choppy. World: The art is beautiful and full of characters, classic Clamp. The world building is solid, it's not overly deep and complex and just shows enough for the story to take place. That being said it is still fun. Story: I watch the show first so ready this again also reminded me how it was a but choppy and rushed in story and character moments. Where the show was draggy and filled with filler this book does not stop. It's still very fun and beautif [...]

    3. ¡Este volumen me encantó!Es la segunda parte de la captura de cartas y el juicio final. Todo es muy emocionante, se encuentran las partes más graciosas de todo el manga (mi capítulo preferido cuando captura las cartas de Luz y Oscuridad).Vemos como los personajes están mejor construidos y vemos diferentes facetas de ellos. Este tomo definitivamente es de Syaoran y Sakura.Después de que lo termines de leer, quieres comenzar el siguiente :). ¿Ya les mencioné las preciosas imágenes a color [...]


    5. I really liked this "volume" more than the first. Less hand-holdy (as in, not as much 'SIGN POINTING AT CHARACTER INDICATING THAT'S WHO WE'RE TALKING ABOUT'), more background on characters, less of the creepy student-teacher relationship business (or more like barely any mention of it), some good character development.I understand why this series has become such a beloved classic, apart from the weird stuff and the childishness. It's still a great series for practically any age.One huge plus for [...]

    6. This second book in the CCS Omnibus Edition includes the 4, 5 & 6th issues in the series. The 5 and 6 mangas are my favorite so far, because there are a lot of events and deep moments in there. Basically it all comes full circle in the 6th manga, so I’m not really sure how it’s gonna keep going in some ways. The story is brilliant and wonderful and it’s different from the anime in some parts, so I reading it like it’s the first time. I completely adore Sakura, 5 stars to this amazing [...]

    7. In love. It went really quick. There were some differences from the anime, but I still have more to read! Can't wait! Starting volume 3.

    8. It's getting pretty damn good! I'm excited to continue unfortunately it's (volume 3) already loaned out at the library so I'll have to wait until after my Japan trip to read on!

    9. They are really doubling down on that inappropriate student/teacher relationship stuff. They're not at all necessary to move the plot forward either so it's definitely something they just wanted to include. This is more a book about relationships than magic. That's good and bad, the characters are all entertaining, but the agenda of the relationships could be off-putting. Are they really hoping to encourage 10 year olds to date their teachers though? I think they missed the chance to stretch thi [...]

    10. An enjoyable continuation of the series, but again ruined by reference to a creepy and deeply troubling relationship between a 10 year old girl and her school teacher. I HATE that this is part of the story (even the very minor part that it is) because it really ruins something, that is otherwise a fun and happy manga. It's probably worse that it treats it like no big deal and makes one random reference to it across the whole 500 pages- WHY INCLUDE IT? IT'S SO UNNECESSARY!!!I also found the end p [...]

    11. Okay, so the anime for this was way better than the manga. It's hard to get a sense of time, and nothing really happens in this second volume. The characters are pretty one dimensional, and there's even more creepy adult/minor relationships :l But Sakura has all the cards now and she defeated Yue, so yeah? Meeeeeh

    12. Going to re-read this volume of the Omnibus. Note: My book is paperback, but due to the fact there is no re-read button, I guess I will do it this way.With this volume ends the first Arc of the Card Captor Sakura manga. The next 2 omnibuses will all be about Sakura and the events that happened in the last volume (volume 6). I was really delighted to see the story go from mostly slice of life, comedy and magic, to something more exciting. Things were getting more and more dangerous and difficult [...]

    13. A fun read. I wish it went into more detail in the relationships between characters, but it was still a lot of fun. The magic is incredible and Sakura is a believable character.

    14. These continue to be the gold standard for magical girl manga, surpassing even Sailor Moon in the ways ofotting that makes narrative sense all the time and is moving towards a specific conclusion. Things I did not appreciate when I was the target demographic:1. How clever Sakura is. A lot of the fights are more like little logic puzzles she has to solve, which she is allowed to struggle with. I find that a lot more enjoyable than her just screaming an attack out loud and winning. She really has [...]

    15. The Deal: Sakura Kinomoto has been gathering the Clow Cards for a while, her magic is growing stronger, her rivalry with Shaoran Li is turning into something that feels a lot more like friendship, and she still has the world's biggest crush on her brother's best friend Yukito. But new challenges are coming her way, particularly after the arrival of Kaho Mizuki, a beautiful substitute teacher that shares a past with Toya (Sakura's brother). Oh, and she also has strong magical powers. And, as Saku [...]

    16. For many magical girl fans, Cardcaptor Sakura was an introduction to the world of magical girls, maybe even more so than Sailor Moon. Written and drawn by the all female group CLAMP, the story focuses on a young girl name Sakura, who is a descendant of a magician named Clow Reed. Unexpectedly, Sakura finds a book that contains 52 cards, each with a unique power and ability to bestow upon the owner. Sakura opens the book and frees all except one of the 52 cards. A spirit named Kero emerges and in [...]

    17. Volume 2 gives us the last half of the first story arch. Sakura finishes capturing all the Clow Cards (wow that was fast) and must face her final challenge, Yue! Sounds more exciting then it actually plays out. CLAMP seems to be making things up as they go. The cards are sometimes really interesting and make sense. Dark and Light, the five elements, those have an interesting nature to them. Even Sword and Shield made sense. But Glow and Erase and cards like that made very little sense for a grea [...]

    18. This is the second of four omnibus editions collecting the entire series of Cardcaptor Sakura, although towards the end, you might think that this was actually the conclusion.The last few cards are collected, Sakura goes through a test of her right to be the master of the cards, we get to find out more about the background of various characters, and hints are advanced of greater trials to come.One of my favorite parts was the school play (other than the creepy romantic bits between the teacher a [...]

    19. I was so glad to have found this volume (and am beating myself not having gotten the third one as well). Cardcaptor Sakura is such a nostalgia for me, having seen the show and having read various manga chapters when I was 14. It makes me feel al giddy reading it. Especially when seeing the pretty artwork pages. Even now I still love it. Sakura is a good main character. She grows over the course of the manga, even just in this volume. At the start she needed others to not be scared and push on th [...]

    20. Another fantastic re-release and re-translation by Dark Horse. :) It's hard to find any faults with this, except for the texture of the pages randomly changing, but that doesn't take away from the overall experience. Dark Horse once again makes what was a somewhat dated manga timeless in its lessons about love, friendship, and magic. I trust Dark Horse wholeheartedly with CLAMP's most ingenuous works, as they've already proven their mettle with Tokyo Babylon, that the only thing I really have to [...]

    21. While I did not enjoy it as much as the first book, it was still entertaining. My four stars is because of the dialogue being worse in this book I thought. Also, the back and front of the book were made of a different cardboard than the first book. The first omnibus was shiny and this was not. The paper on omnibus 2 seems thinner and my book came bent which could be to do with the lesser quality card. The error on the second book back cover was fixed on this. The art in the book was superb and t [...]

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