- By Sean Michael

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

  • Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781933389431
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don t Ask Don t Tell When they meet at a bar one night James Rock South and Alex Rigger Roberts figure they ve found themselves a night of fun The attraction burns bright for both of them and when they head for somewher

    When they meet at a bar one night, James Rock South and Alex Rigger Roberts figure they ve found themselves a night of fun The attraction burns bright for both of them, and when they head for somewhere private, they re both amazed at how fast and hot the flames get out of control Rock is only in Texas for training, though, and he leaves Rigger behind when he goes baWhen they meet at a bar one night, James Rock South and Alex Rigger Roberts figure they ve found themselves a night of fun The attraction burns bright for both of them, and when they head for somewhere private, they re both amazed at how fast and hot the flames get out of control Rock is only in Texas for training, though, and he leaves Rigger behind when he goes back to his life as a regular Marine Rigger s not sure he s ready to be left, though, and he follows Rock eventually, showing up on Rock s doorstep with what little he owns and a smile The two men, so very different but so very needy for one another, struggle to come to terms with their relationship, trying to make it work in a world where men don t love men, and if they do, they can t talk about it Between the pressures of the outside world and the struggle between them to learn what it means to be in a committed relationship, Rock and Rigger threaten to tear each other apart Do they have what it takes to stay together

    1 thought on “Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    1. Not knowing how to rate this right away gave me time to think. Was it bad? No. Was it ok? Hmmm maybe. Depends on your preference. I prefer romance. I once read erotica where the sex was an entertaining, enjoyable character. Seeing it on page after page [after page!:] was excitingt tiring.The story of Rock (Jim) and Rigger (Alex) is a sex only relationship almost start to finish. I kept trying to get my mind to switch to that place and just enjoy the physical side of reading erotica but I couldn' [...]

    2. Really disappointed with this book, the premise was nothing new but still contains all the elements for a great read. This book is 80% sex scenes. Note that the 80% is not used as a hyperbole in this context. \ The worst part was that I felt that the sex scenes were copied and pasted. Really they had the same dialogue and the same sex scenes where Alex gives Rock a BJ and continues with the BJ until Rock is hard again where Rock then tops Alex.There were so many missed opportunities. The age dif [...]

    3. I should never doubt Sean Michael the author pulled it off again. I'm telling you, from about 1/3 of the way through I kept wondering if something was going to happen, something besides sex that is. Like some catastrophic event or anything. Well I think I don't need spoiler tags here to tell you that basically nothing ever did happen (besides sex), but the development of the two characters was so gradual and perfectly done I was incredibly happy at the end. I really got to know these two guys as [...]

    4. Look, I was excited about reading this novel. It had M/M, romance, sex and USMCs. Four elements I that I believe make a great read. (M. Urban and A. Roux’s Cut & Run series is the perfect example.) However, Sean Michael did nothing with them. Seriously, how can a USMC not be sexy? Marines personify sexy. The book LACKED substance on all levels. The writing was lacked luster. It was like reading a bad porno, little to no plot and character build was minimum. The point of view was muddled. I [...]

    5. I read a few free short stories from this series and really enjoyed the feel of the characters and their circumstances so I wanted to go back and read from the beginning. I enjoyed this story for the most part and I definitely want to continue with the series.The plot was a slow moving type and might appear on the surface to be all about the sex because there was not much dialogue and action (outside the sexual encounters), but to be honest it read almost like a sweet romance would read(don't go [...]

    6. Found this author thru a list on and got the first two novels in this series. More like a PWP slash fanfic published in book format. It's entertaining, has a little too much swearing in it for me because by the end I was skipping entire sentences to get to the story lots of sex, a little romance and a very, very tiny plot. Two guys meet at a bar, they jump each others bones, on Valentine's Day no less. One, a Marine, goes back to his base in North Carolina, the other a student nurse but with a [...]

    7. I absolutely love smut. But this book is pretty much all smut and is really very light on plot. If you read the book summary, you've read about half the plot text right there. I got through this book and started the second one, but never finished it, which is very unlike me. The main reason being is that the smut is rather repetitive. I'm more than happy to read Porn Without Plot, but the porn in this book is always the same. I at least need a little variety.I like most Sean Michael works, but I [...]

    8. Like the other Jarheads books, this is erotica, not romanceJARHEADS SERIES: VOLUME 1 (chronologically), BOOK 4 (written fourth, as far as I can tell)Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 6/10PROS: - I liked seeing the beginning of Rock and Rig’s relationship. I had read the third book, Three Day Passes, before I read this, so I had an image of the two men several years down the road already in my head. What I found particularly enjoyable was seeing how [...]

    9. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ This is the first book in a terrific series that follows first two then three men through their lives together. I started the series with book four so this book told me how Rock and Rigger met in Texas and got together as a couple. The series is strictly erotica with a thin but captivating story line. Don't look for more that a tremendous amount of sex and a little story to bind it all together and you will not be disappointed. Alex "Rigger" Robert [...]

    10. I was warned.If I added all the bits between the sex scenes together, I might have a short story. Maybe. Maybe not.It exposed me to a totally new world of the armed srvices where marines only work five day weeks and have weekends free. It was as crazily unreal as Promises Rock in that department.Why bother using military settings if there is no connection to reality?At least with the Velvet Glove series there was an attempt to have some sort of interaction and conflict and variation in the scene [...]

    11. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Plot. Sex. Sex. Sex. More sex. Plot. You get the idea. But I'm still giving it four stars. Because under all the sex was the most understated love affair I've ever read. These two fall together and basically have marathon sex for 80% of the book. Yet they progress and grow so much. I love how they never say ily. Never talk about the future. Never declare anything. But somehow you know they will have a forever. Guh. I enjoyed this very much. I recommend it if you don't have a [...]

    12. Four strong stars! I purchased this awhile ago but had a great time getting familiar with Rigs and Blue again. I really like these two! This story encompassed their meeting, their getting-retogether, their mortgage and spending TWO xmases together!!!

    13. its a good series. lots of sex I felt like it could have more stuff in it. but I like it. but how old is Rigger and Rock?

    14. Books Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Personal Leave, Tempering, Out Of The Closet, and On The Sand in the Sean Michaels Jarheads series are 83% off today, only $0.99!

    15. I read a lot of the Jarheads during December and I wanted to read some of the full length novels to see how they all started out.However, whilst I do enjoy sex in books, I felt there was just too much sex in this book and not enough of the story about Rock and Rig. Also I felt that the sex was very repetitive.Whilst I am aware that they do add a permanent 3rd to their relationship I felt that the episodes where Rock bought back greens to their home for them to pop their cherries were more like c [...]

    16. This book was not for me. It wasn't bad necessarily, there was just too much sex for my tastes. I know *gasp* *shock* how is that possible? When every single scene is a sex scene. When the plot can fit in like 2 chapters. It didn't help that it was 310 pages. If it was half that I don't think it would've been so repetitive. I liked the characters for the most part. I didn't like a few things they did (sleep with someone else after agreeing to go bareback without telling the other, then agreeing [...]

    17. This story is more erotica than plot. I'd prefer more plot. In my opinion, the story is not a romance; there are no 'I love yous', no faithfulness to each other, no statements of commitment, and not a real HEA, although the two seem established by the end of the story. The story includes a threesome more than once, and a fisting scene. It also has a scene where Alex overhears Jim having sex with an unknown man, after they agreed to no condoms between them. There were issues brought up in the sto [...]

    18. This is really a 3.5 rounded up. The first 3/4 of this book was sex, sex, and more sex. Now, I'm not really complaining, but a little bit of a plot line would have helped keep me more interested (I never thought I would be skimming the sex scenes!). The scenes were quite repetitive and the little bits of plot given were few and far between. Ultimately though, once I got over the fact that (view spoiler)[ they weren't going to declare their love for one another, it was kind of easy to realize tha [...]

    19. I'm not real sure how to rate this one. I see this book highly recommended everywhere, I was suprised when I read it. I can't say I didn't like it, But I can't say that I did either.Ok, so yes, it was hot. Full of intense, heated sex, filled with passion, want and need. That's what I was hoping for, but there was absolutely no plot whatsoever. None. I liked Rock and Rig, but this book was just a long string of sex scenes. So much so that I actually got tired of reading it. I don't know that I've [...]

    20. I didn't think it was possible for me to get tired of reading gay smut. Well I was burnt out by page 25.The rest was skipped or skimmed through to the last page where I read what I needed to know to remove this book from my iPad. Sorry. Short stories are good for smut, 300 pages of it though. It's a big NO-NO. There was little story and so I couldn't get attached so I could be bothered to read every single thing that happened to them. I got the gist, it was enough Next time maybe. FYI I loved th [...]

    21. This is the one that has Rock and Rig getting together and eventually moving into their house near Fort Bragg. Like all the Jarhead stories there is a lot of sex. Hardly a page goes by without any sex. Most of the narrative is carried in a few lines leading up to or following on from some sort of sex scene. That is the way the Jarhead series works. This one was a bit too long. 400 pages, even taken in small doses, is a struggle to get through. The Jarheads are fun as an occasional snack, but not [...]

    22. Well, if I had to guess a sex-to-plot-ratio I would say maybe 80% to 20%After a while I just had so start skipping blowjobs because it just got way too repetetive. I am actually a little disappointed because the plot parts were enjoyable. I really liked reading about the guys talking and interacting. I loved the christmas light scene and the Rock getting stuck on the phone with Alex's family for an hour scene. I actually want to know what happens to the characters but I just don't know if I can [...]

    23. Still love this book, it was one of my first forays into the m/m genre. With more experience under my belt now though, I could do with less sex. I still enjoyed it but a little more story would have been nice. I know Sean Michael or his writing style is not most people's cup of tea, but under that I think he's an accomplished writer. I like where he took the Jarhead stories, Tempering being my favorite. I'll probably re-read the rest of them in the coming weeks.

    24. This was bad. No plot. Wait. No, there were SNIPPETS of plot. A line here, a line therejust enough to get you excited that this book was going somewhere and BAM, Blowjob. BAM screwing. A damn shame, this could have easily been a very good book. And what is up with the nicknames? I think they each ended up with atleast 3-4 nicknames each. And the Cherries. Oh geez. It was like reading about a lion bringing poor unsuspecting mice to his lair. Not good.

    25. UghI was really looking forward to this book! The first few pagesok. Thenwhere was the story??? All these two did was have sex! I wasn't looking for pages and pages of sex. I wanted a love story! Oh waite story line wasSEX! Ok, it was good sexhot sexese two horndogs "got it on". But, I was so disappointed! This means I will NOT be purchasing the next book(s) in this series. No sense wasting the money when I can just re-read this one and get the same results

    26. This book was another summer read that had me put it down numerous times as i got bored with repetitiveness of the sex scenes with very little to no story. I kept waiting for more story around their jobs, more on their threesomes with the newbie gay marines or even them changing how they had sex. The sex was always Rig BJ, Blue stroking Rig off then topping him. Seemed cut & paste over & over. I liked the characters but was left wanting more that i never got.

    27. DNF- made it to chapter two and thought I would give it another chance so I read one more chapter and had to pull the plug. Every other word was the F word which took any creativeness out of this book. The over kill with the sex parts could not make up for the lack of grammar this book has. Sorry but I will not be finishing this book.

    28. This was a total disappointment, there was no story. It was just one sex scene after another. Now don't get me wrong I can appreciate a good sex scene but I need a plot to go with it or what's the point.I did not finish this and I have to say this author has written so much better then this.

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