- By Beverly Cleary Paul O. Zelinsky Louis Darling

The Ralph Mouse Collection

  • Title: The Ralph Mouse Collection
  • Author: Beverly Cleary Paul O. Zelinsky Louis Darling
  • ISBN: 9780064410045
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ralph Mouse Collection All your favorite Ralph Mouse tales in one boxed set just in time for the holiday season

    All your favorite Ralph Mouse tales in one boxed set just in time for the holiday season

    1 thought on “The Ralph Mouse Collection

    1. Listened on the drive home with my boys (4 1/2 & 3). Last book ended just as we were pulling into our neighborhood!

    2. This is such an entertaining book series! They are so well written and the narrator, B.D. Wong, does an outstanding job in bringing all the characters to life. My 6-year old loves to listen to them over and over again. And because they are so well-written and well-performed, us grown-ups enjoy them, too.

    3. I had so much fun listing to this set of books. Beverly Cleary is an old favorite. I read a lot of her books as a child, although to be honest I have never read the mouse/motorcycle ones. I am strongly considering getting the Henry Higgins set of audio books as well as the Ramona ones. Listening to these provides light amusement and reminds me why I like them as a kid, and the benefits that they provide. Who knows, I may even get Ellen Tebbits. Mindless listening to offset murder and gore is som [...]

    4. I am reading Runaway Ralph and the autors name is Beverly Cleary the book is about a mouse driving a motor cycle in a big hotel where his mother and his grandfather lives. I like the story because I like mice and motorcycles. It reminds me of Geronimo Stilton because his sister drives a motorcycle and his a mouse. Ralph was going to camp with his motorcycle and lots of people made him so angry he went out of camp. I went to a March Break camp just like Ralph except withou a motorcycle. I liked i [...]

    5. Another fun book on CD we listened to. Have only listened to the first book, Runaway Ralph. We'll have to see if the library has the other two books. My 3 year old especially liked the motorcycle sounds!

    6. These were my favorite books when I was a kid and I found them just as enjoyable today. My only real complaint was thatbthe collection from Audible puts them out of order with what should be the last book in the second position.

    7. William Age 8 -- 4 1/2 stars -- didn't like the first part when they moved into the hotel, but really started liking it when the mouse started riding the motorcycle.Henry -- off the charts. Wants to give more than 5 stars. "it was much more better than the BFG"

    8. I read this as a kid and hopefully I still have the book. I can say as I remember back to being a kid I loved this book!

    9. this book has alot of mouse lines but it is kind of funny this book also teaches a lesson that a mouse is smart not dumb.P.S. S. stands for smart.

    10. Oh my goodness. Ralph is so cute. He loves his motorcycle more than anything. Sometimes he can be a little strong minded. But I like that he gets everything he wants because he asked.

    11. I would read these books out loud to my nephew when he was young - I never thought he was listeningbut to this day, he still remembers those little "brmmmmmm" noises to get that motorcycle going!

    12. "This book was awsome and it's so cute because the little mose inside the book and it has some comody because the little mouse drives a car and a motorcycle but anyways i loed it"!<3;)

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