- By Pamela Clare


  • Title: Surrender
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: 9780843954883
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Surrender A hand picked cadre of warriors they hold the fierce courage of their Scots forefathers combined with the stealth and cunning of the Indians who lived beside them in the wilderness Battling the Fren

    A hand picked cadre of warriors, they hold the fierce courage of their Scots forefathers, combined with the stealth and cunning of the Indians who lived beside them in the wilderness Battling the French in no holds barred combat, they forged a new brand of honor, became a new breed of menMacKinnon s RangersIain MacKinnon had been forced to serve the British crown, butA hand picked cadre of warriors, they hold the fierce courage of their Scots forefathers, combined with the stealth and cunning of the Indians who lived beside them in the wilderness Battling the French in no holds barred combat, they forged a new brand of honor, became a new breed of menMacKinnon s RangersIain MacKinnon had been forced to serve the British crown, but compassion urged him to save the lovely lass facing certain death at the hands of the Abenaki He d defied his orders, endangered his brothers, his men and his mission, all for a woman But when he held Annie s sweet body in his arms, he could feel no regret though he sensed she was hiding something from him, it was too late to hold back his heart In love and war, there are times when the only course of action isSurrender

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    1. This audiobookIain's accentMe while listeningOMG I can't describe how much I enjoyed this <3I am a HUUUUUUGE sucker when it comes to Highlanders, and the narrator did such an amazing job, OMG! I melted each time Iain or his brothers said anything <3“Aye, lass. You’re safe.” He held her close, stroked her hair, his voice a soothing rumble in his chest. “I’ll no’ let any man harm you—no’ while there is still breath in my body.”SOMETHING ABOUT THE BOOKThe historical settingI [...]

    2. 5++ stars – Colonial American/Frontier Historical RomanceI’m a huge fan of Pamela Clare’s I-Team romantic suspense series, I love hot highlander heroes, I’m fascinated by pre-Revolutionary American history, and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about Surrender from several GR friends. So why did I wait so long to read this?!?! I had no doubt that I’d love it, but I had a feeling it would be emotionally draining, so I waited until I was in the right mood and mindset. But now I [...]

    3. Review posted at: sweptawaybyromance/Definite 5+ stars!To say I loved Surrender, by Pamela Clare, is an understatement. This is my first book by Ms. Clare and did she ever make a fan of me. I was in awe of her ability to not only write a historically detailed, riveting, and tight plot, but simultaneously sweep the reader into a world full of non-stop action, adventure, and passion. The two main characters, as well as the secondary characters, were rich with authenticity and depth. It’s impossi [...]

    4. Lady Anne Burness Campbell was betrayed into 14 years of indentured service after her uncle accused her of being a thief because she knew he killed her mother. She chose to be branded a thief rather than return to her Uncle Bain's house and possibly be murdered herself. Her uncle branded her on her inner thigh instead of her thumb so that she would never be able to sleep with a man without being found out as a thief. Anne was sent to the American colonies where she was sold into service to a fro [...]

    5. Audio Gals has posted a sample of the audio book.We get to hear Iain, Morgan, Connor and Lord Wentworth's voices, as narrated by the incredibly sexy and talented Kaleo Griffith!!audiogals/2013/08/pame**Minor plot spoilers**Surrender is my first Pamela Clare book, and I liked so much that I ordered the next in the series, Untamed. While the plot isn’t terribly unique, the setting is. These “Highlanders” are living in the colonies, fighting for Britain against the French and the Native Ameri [...]

    6. ★★★★★ Five full stars and a WOW! I loved this book, but then, as a historical romance reader, it is definitely my cuppa tea. I was a bit worried, as every one of my GR friends loves her contemporary love stories; could she make the transition? With a resounding yes, I must say she did! And then some.I also selected Iain MacKinnon, the hero, to fill the coveted “Protector Hero” slot in my Nothing But Reading Challenges - My Hero Challenge. And man-oh-man, does he fulfill the role - [...]

    7. I had heard really good things about this author and this book. I must say that all praise was well-deserved. If you like Scottish heroes, you have to read this book. Iain has made an impression on me that will make it very hard for future Scottish heroes to live up to. He is fearless, honorable, capable, manly, beautiful and loving. He risks his life many times for his brothers and men, and for Annie, the woman he had no obligation to save, but did, even though it brought misfortune on him and [...]

    8. Una entretenida y buena historia de 3 estrellas… nada que desagrade, pero tampoco nada que impacte. Sin embargo estoy tan decepcionada! Es que me recomendaron tanto, tanto, tanto a esta autora y este libro en particular que, literalmente, pensé que iba a ser la lectura del año y lanzaría fuegos artificiales por las orejas.Al principio me costó conectar con la pareja protagonista, pero a poco andar pude empatizar con ellos. Ambos responden al prototipo de personaje que se espera y, aunque s [...]

    9. This was the best historical romance I think I've ever read--all others pale in comparison. Scotsman Iain MacKinnon was a hero unlike any other--the bravest, kindest, most honorable man, and sooo sexy too. His relationship with the heroine, Anniefantastictempestuousoticloving, all that and more! There were many swoon-worthy moments in this one, as well as suspenseful ones, as Iain and his company of Rangers fought the French and Indians in many tense encounters. But this book was mostly about Ia [...]

    10. She reached up, held his face between her palms. "How can I help but fret? You live wi' death on your heels.""For your sake, lass, I promise to stay one step ahead."Surrender is the 1st book in the MacKinnon's Rangers series and it was a very well written Historical Romance book that i didn't necesseraly 'love' but really enjoyed nontheless.Unfortunately, i could not find a picture that would at least decently suite Iain. So here's justa taste ;)Iain MacKinnon is shocked to find himself and his [...]

    11. She dared not trust him.She had no choice but to trust him.Her life depended on him.I swear, I'm not trying to be difficult with all of the 3.5 star ratings lately that I've been handing out. It seems like I'm falling onto books which are good enough but not completely rocking my world. Surrender is good. I'm happy that I read it. I will definitely read on in the series. But I gotta go 3.5 again. Sorry. :(I know, I know. There's always a "but" in there somewhere, right? Well, let me explain. The [...]

    12. Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy. Shut up already!ZOMG. If the heroine in this book, Anne, says mercy one more timey crap, bloody, oh my, oh dear, goodness. ANYTHING other than f*cking MERCY!Whew, I feel better for getting that off my chest. FYI, this was still a very good read. Just be prepared for the mercy business. Series: Si Sexy times: A few. Little bit more hot than your standard historical fair.Plan on reading more by the author:This author is new to me and I really enjoy her thus far all merc [...]

    13. SURRENDER – Do I really need to even write a review to tell everyone who superfuckingawesome this book is? We all know Pammy can do no wrong by now, right? Well TOUGH! You’re going to sit and read my ranting review about how perfect this book was in every single imaginable way possible.So to start off, this was the best, hands down historical romance to ever grace pages/kindles/ereaders/nooks yadda yadda! It literally pooped all over everything else – no offense to other historical authors [...]

    14. Originally read in 2010, 2012 and listened on audio August 2013 5+ Stars!! This book was fantastic when I first read it in paperback, then again on my Kindle, but the audiobook is PHENOMENAL!! Pamela Clare’s writing is amazing in itself, but bringing Mr. Griffith on board to read her wordsOH MY…verra verra smart, you ken what you’re doin’ Ms. Clare!!With Kaleo Griffith’s strong, masculine, stop-my-heart, make-me-sweat, act-the-scenes-out voiceMY EARS WERE ON FIRE!!! I almost became a s [...]

    15. ♥♥♥ 4 HOT HIGHLANDER STARS ♥♥♥This was my first Pamela Clare book and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read more from this series.It all begins with the exiled Highlander Iain MacKinnon, being trapped into joining the British Army--along with his brothers-- where he will lead a group of men at war. Meanwhile, Lady Annie Burness Campbell is all alone. She has lost her father and now she has lost her mother. But she saw what happened to her. This knowledge is the cause for her bein [...]

    16. Another OUTSTANDING read from Pamela Clare!!!!I first came to know this author through her romantic suspense series, "I-Team". This is my first HR read by her, and once again she has exceeded my expectations!!! I am impressed by Clare’s versatility. Some authors that write multiple genres seem to be better at one than the other, this is not the case here. I couldn't pick one over the other.And I have not yet met an author more gracious than she.Albany, New York 1755Iain MacKinnon and his broth [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the setting for this romance novel. It reminded me a bit of Gabaldon's Outlander series. But the resemblence to those books ended at the setting.I also thought the plot was rather interesting, up to a point. It eventually became tedious and too fraught with horrible and melodramatic circumstances.The story is of a Scots woman, daughter of an Earl that is loyal to the British crown. Unfortunately her father and brothers died in battles with the disloyal Scottish barbarians that s [...]

    18. I'm officially gaga over Iain MacKinnon. I'm fairly certain that he is the most protective, possessive, honorable historical romance hero I've read. I love this genre, but too often the author seems to just try a bit too hard to create a 'tortured hero.' And though Iain is the head of his clan, he has also been stripped of his land and sent away from Scotland, where he is forced into service to the very king that took his birthright from him. Tortured much? Yes, I think so. So here he is, in cha [...]

    19. After my enjoyable reading experience with Pamela Clare's Ride the Fire, I was told that I simply must read Surrender. Whew man, am I glad I listened to everyone!Although forced to serve the British during the French and Indian War, Iain MacKinnon does his job well. He and his band of Rangers have had much success but when Iain spies the courage of one beauty about to be ravaged by the Abenaki Indians, he defies his superiors and leaves to rescue her.Annie Burns Campbell has known betrayal and f [...]

    20. Loved this book. What an amazing introduction to a wonderful series. I'm sure I'll just adore every book on it as all the MacKinnon brothers are way too hot, I just need to read everything about them all. I'm happy to find a new fav and on this genre, probably because it has been too long since I got this hooked with a historical romance book.This installment is about the oldest MacKinnon brother, a sexy Scottish warrior who commands a huge English army which fights the french and the Indians. G [...]

    21. 5+ What a fantastic read! I didn't know where to start off with writing my thoughts on this novel.Just because there are so many wonderful reviews that were written for it. That said,I'll try to give a few of my words & What I thought of it.WOW! Pamela Clare,has drifted me off my feet once again! There wasn't anything upon reading this novel that I did not like,well besides the "chauvinist pig" that is not worth talking about,for those of you who have read it,ya'll know exactly what I'm talk [...]

    22. I had my doubts about this book even though readers raved about it. I read Clare’s Carnal Gift, thought it was really poor and wrote her off as a two-bit writer that I wouldn’t try again. Well talk about a 360 here! This book is so vivid and well-written with a beautiful hero that I am sooo happy I have the next one (Untamed) and another from her other series.Who would ever think that putting a Highlander on the Colonial frontier would work. Well not only does it work it’s the kind of book [...]

    23. Fantastic!.Well and truly deserves a 5 star rating.I have read Ms Clare's RS I-Team series so I know that she has a talent and that series secured her a place in my top 10 authors. So knowing this I am a bit confused as to why it has taken me so long to get around to reading this series.Yes I am fairly new to HR but I have been reading that genre for a couple of months now!I have no excuse *face palm* I loved all 3 of the brothers especially Iain as obviously this story features on him. As well [...]

    24. Iain MacKinnon is wrongfully accused of murder and then forced to join the British army to fight the French in northern New York. He's the leader of the Rangers and risks their safety when he comes upon Lady Anne Campbell who's being attacked and he decides to rescue her. She's been wrongfully accused of theft by her uncle and is now an indentured servant posing under the name of Annie Burns. This was an exciting and romantic story set during and amidst the French and Indian War in 1759. Iain is [...]

    25. I don't even know why I wait to read the book to give it 5 stars - I know automatically that it will be 5 stars. I am Irish and speak Irish Gaelic but it is quite similar to Scots Gaelic and I see Pamela has definitely done her homework as per usual. Those bloody Sassanachs - yep the Scots and Irish HATE THEM - only joking - we have moved on from that .

    26. ! Just as awesome the second time!! I first read this book several years ago and it blew me away, and so far this series (and the author’s other books) have not disappointed. SURRENDER is one of those books that leave you utterly breathless when you finish the last page. The H/h are up against incredible odds, the risks they face monumental, and the passion burns white HOT. With Connor’s story finally coming out next month, I am re-reading the first two (SURRENDER and UNTAMED) in anticipatio [...]

    27. This one lives up to the hype. A very good, romantic story in a unique setting.I love historical romance, and I'm not bothered by the typical locations/time frames. I like Regencies just fine, for example. But this story is set in the colonial American frontier and has a real "Last of the Mohicans" vibe, which is really a refreshing change. And, no, the hero wasn't a secret duke, either.Iain MacKinnon and Lady Anne Campbell are really nice leads. I liked the way their romance progressed, althoug [...]

    28. Surrender is the first Pamela Clare book I've read. I have to give props to Ms. Clare. You are one heck of a writer! I loved this book. It is everything an historical romance should be.

    29. Oh, how I miss a beautifully written historical romance that make me swoon all over. A honorable, courageous and fiercely protective highlander who was forced to leave his land to lead a battalion and his lass, a lady who had wrongfully stripped of her title and sold to slavery by her kin. Together they found love a midst of danger, immortality, deception in the middle of war. What I love most of the slow burn romance that took place over a quite a long period of time. None of those insta bullsh [...]

    30. I love Pamela Clare's I-Team series so I decided to give the MacKinnon's Rangers (historical romance) a chance. Not only does Clare write a sexy and strong highlander that will make you swoon but the heroine is extremely loveable and you will root for her the entire way. Lady Anne was betrayed by her sick and twisted uncle and was branded as a thief and sent to the colonies to work as an indentured servant. Iain McKinnon is a scottish highlander forced into service along with his two brothers to [...]

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