- By Karen Robards

Green Eyes

  • Title: Green Eyes
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: 9780380758890
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Green Eyes Young beautiful and destitute widowed Anna Traverne finds herself at the mercy of her brother in law Lord Ridley who offers her and her little daughter a home for a price Anna must become his mist

    Young, beautiful, and destitute, widowed Anna Traverne finds herself at the mercy of her brother in law Lord Ridley, who offers her and her little daughter a home for a price Anna must become his mistress Frightened, revolted, gently bred Anna can see no way out until a handsome jewel thief breaks into Gordon Hall in search of a fabled set of emeralds Surprised by AnnYoung, beautiful, and destitute, widowed Anna Traverne finds herself at the mercy of her brother in law Lord Ridley, who offers her and her little daughter a home for a price Anna must become his mistress Frightened, revolted, gently bred Anna can see no way out until a handsome jewel thief breaks into Gordon Hall in search of a fabled set of emeralds Surprised by Anna in the act of purloining the jewels, Julian Chase is captured and carted off to Newgate to hang for the theft The emeralds remain missing despite being tortured, Julian insists he has no idea where they are By the time he manages to cheat the hangman, though, Julian has figured out what must have happened the green eyed angel whose screams led to his downfall had to have taken them.And he is right finding herself in possession of the emeralds after Julian s capture, Anna seizes on the chance to escape from Lord Ridley and flees to the tea plantation in Ceylon that is her home But once Julian knows the truth, he comes after her, traveling halfway across the world to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his and to take a sensuous revenge on the larcenous young beauty whose fate he now holds in his hands.

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    1. The girl: Anna Traverne. With her husband dead, she's forced to leave their plantation on Ceylon and live with her brother-in-law, and said BIL is hot to trot with Anna. One night she can't sleep and whilst in the library (or similar room - I forget) quietly sitting in a chair, she spots a cat burglar in the room going after a jewel case in a hidden compartment she's never heard of. Will he spot her? Should she shout for help to stop the burglar? How did the burglar know exactly where to go to f [...]

    2. A Mystery Surrounding Emeralds and Love on a Ceylon Tea Plantation!Set in 1832, this is the story of Anna Traverne, who is left penniless after her husband dies in Ceylon where they had a tea plantation. Now she and her 5-year-old daughter are at the mercy of her husband’s brother, Graham, who, though married, wants Anna in his bed. She resists and is hiding away in the study one night when a man breaks in and tries to steal the Queen’s emeralds, a set of family jewels that was hidden away i [...]

    3. When Anna Traverne, discovers a housebreaker her world is turned upside down. She's a widow staying with her brother in law and his wife, only he wants to make her his mistress in exchange for a roof over her head.Thankfully the housebreaker leaves her with the emeralds he was stealing and she manages to make her way to Ceylon. A few months later, her housebreaker finds her, intent on getting the emeralds back and getting Anna in his bed.This book just didn't click with me. There were just too m [...]

    4. It was an ok book overall. I wasn't a big fan of the elements of Indian culture that were incorporated however. This probably stems from it being a portrayal of the rather unsavoury side of worshiping a deity. I didn't really like Julian being in touch with his emotions because they contradicted his actions. I would've preferred him to be one way or the other. As for Anna, she was the typical shy, timid heroine which I would've bought wholesale if she hadn't been married before. That should have [...]

    5. I put off reading this book for awhile because the reviews on it seemed pretty poor. However, Karen Robards is one of my favorite romance authors, and this is one of only a couple of her books that I hadn't read yet. I thought it was quite good. Not her best work, but a fun and pleasurable read. Even her "bad" books are better than most of the other stuff I've read in this genre.

    6. Prefiero a Karne Robards en histórica con diferencia, sus novelas contemporáneas me parecen muy flojas. Sin embargo, éste no es de sus mejores libros, se queda en entretenido porque la pareja protagonista no llama mucho la atención.

    7. Okay. I question the historical accuracy of this book and I am not thrilled about who the author decided should be the "villains". But aside from that, it was a reasonably entertaining old school romance.

    8. Anna Traverne, a young widow with a daughter, faces a terrible choice: become the mistress of her brother-in-law Graham, Lord Ridley, or be tossed out of the family home. But when Anna interrupts a robbery, she ends up with the Traverne emeralds, and no one but the foiled thief, Graham's dispossessed half-brother Julian Chase, knows it. Anna quietly turns the stones into cash and sails to Ceylon, where she buys back the tea plantation she lost at her husband's death. Eventually Julian arrives to [...]

    9. synopsis:anna surprises an intruder one night in her brother-in-law's house. once she has him subdued, the magistrate takes over. anna takes the jewels that she finds on the intruders person and heads back to ceylon, where she will be out of reach of her brother-in-law. julian was trying to obtain the jewels that were rightfully his when he got caught and put in gaol. after he is freed, he heads after anna to retrieve his jewels. he follows her to ceylon, and makes himself indispensible as he ge [...]

    10. Green Eyes. "You have no reason to be jealous, Julian, " she said softly. "It's you I love." His fingers stilled, tensed. His eyes narrowed on her face. "Liar," he said. Anna shook her head. " I'm not lying." Julian stared at her a moment longer. All at once his face contorted. "God help you if you are," he said hoarsely, and his mouth was on hers, kissing her fiercely. He leaned over her, pressing her backward, one hand slashing violently sideways as he sent all items atop the desk crashing to [...]

    11. Como en la edición que yo tengo aparece la cara de una mujer en la tapa, no tenía ni idea que era una novela histórica, y fue una grata sorpresa porque amo las novelas históricas. El libro me gustó y me entretuvo. También me sacó muchas sonrisas. Me gustó el cambio de paisaje y me gustaron los personajes. Julian está muy idealizado, como todos los protagonistas de este género, pero bueno, soñar un poco con un hombre como él no hace mal. Y Anna me pareció una buena protagonista femen [...]

    12. Anna Traverne is in a fix. She's a penniless widow with a little girl - and the only person offering to help her - her stuffy brother-in-law - expects her to repay his kindness in his bed. Then a criminal breaks into the family home and steals a fortune's worth of emeralds, only to leave the gems with her when he's forced to run for his life. Seizing the opportunity, Anna takes her daughter and a friend and heads to Ceylon, where she once lived with her husband. When the thief shows up demanding [...]

    13. This is not actually the cover on mine. There were quite a few clichés here - new widow being preyed upon by lecherous brother-in-law, click; unacknowledged half-brother of gypsy blood, click; heart-of-gold ex-prostitute as trustworthy companion, clickc. I have enjoyed a number of books by this author, but this was not a favorite. I did check the date of publication to see about the "you say you don't want me but I know you really do" relationship, among other things. Aside from the clichés, t [...]

    14. It took weeks to struggle through this book by which time I was reminded why I no longer read historical novels. No one seems to be able to re-create a period in history. All they can do is put in a few historical superficialities and then make the characters behave in a twentieth or twenty-first century manner. Unfortunately I thought I was getting a romantic-suspense or a mystery when I bought this book online, so that didn't help.

    15. Not very goodI've read several books this authore can write. This is a very poor example, though. This one almost put me to sleep as it dragged on and on, back and forth with the angst and mumisunderstandings. I definitely would not recommend this book. It is a bore. Try Forbidden Love.

    16. I don't like this format that you lose what you wrote when you decide to meander to another part of the page. I wrote that I am not quite finished with Green Eyes. It is pure romance with all the pitfalls that accompany the journey for finding true love. Hate the idea that this novel will end soon.

    17. Once upon a time I had a friend that used to fly through these type of romance novels. They were cheap and easy more ways then one and so she gave me sacks of them after she was done. So for a while it is all I read because as I said they are cheap and easy.

    18. Books like this really make me wonder if past eras could possibly be so surreptitiously steamy as some authors would like us to believe I don't quite believe it, and the drama/story isn't enough to make up for the irritating abundance of embarrassing detail.

    19. Story has it all, from a guy stealing gems, to a women running from her brother in law who wants her as his mistress, to the man being put in prison, to his escape, to the journey to the island where the women went, to killings and D Allingham in love. It has everything. One of her best so far.

    20. Great JourneyThis book had so many twists and turns. I would have never guessed all the p l it's and sub plots. Quite entertaining and different in many ways. Suggest any one will enjoy this book.

    21. Finished 1st Reading: 08/20/2010Finished 2nd Reading: 01/10/2016 5:11a SundayPurchased New - PaperbackISBN 0-380-75889-X

    22. I read this book first time when I borrowed it from my mother as a preteen. Spent years trying to remember which book I'd read so I could find a copy and re-read it.

    23. Not your usual type of Hero. Julian is a thief but one hot guy. I loved the battle of will and the verbal sparring between H & H.

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