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New Rules

  • Title: New Rules
  • Author: Bill Maher
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  • Page: 283
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  • New Rules Bill Maher is on the forefront of the new wave of comedians who have begun to influence and shape political debate through their comedy He is best known not just for being funny but for advocating tr

    Bill Maher is on the forefront of the new wave of comedians who have begun to influence and shape political debate through their comedy He is best known not just for being funny, but for advocating truth over sensitivity and taking on the political establishment Maher first came to national attention as the host of the hit ABC TV program Politically Incorrect, where he oBill Maher is on the forefront of the new wave of comedians who have begun to influence and shape political debate through their comedy He is best known not just for being funny, but for advocating truth over sensitivity and taking on the political establishment Maher first came to national attention as the host of the hit ABC TV program Politically Incorrect, where he offered a combustible mixture of irreverence and acerbic humor that helped him to garner a loyal following, as well as a reputation for being a controversial bad boy.Bill Maher s popular new HBO television show, Real Time, has put Maher front and center than ever before Particularly one regular segment on the show, entitled New Rules, has been a hit with his ever growing legion of fans It is the part of the show during which Maher takes serious aim, bringing all of his intelligence, incisiveness, wit, and his signature exasperation to bear on topics ranging from cell phones I don t need my cell phone to take pictures or access the Internet I just need it to make a phone call From everywhere Not just the places it likes to fast food No McDonald s in hospitals I m not kidding to the conservative agenda Stop claiming it s an agenda It s not an agenda It s a random collection of laws that your corporate donors paid you to pass His new book, the first since his bestselling When You Ride Alone You Ride with bin Laden, brings these brilliantly conceived riffs and rants to the written page Appropriately titled New Rules, the book will collect some of the best of the rules derived from previously written material and will also contain substantial new material, including some longer form editorials of course with a twist and bite that only Bill Maher can deliver.

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    1. Can't help but compare this with one of my favorite comedy books ever, the late great Joan Rivers' "I Hate Everyone Starting with Me." (Maher wouldn't mind.) But whereas that one was pointed inward (being all rants by a true & discerning DIVA), Maher's is pretty much the script of several New Rules segs of his HBO program. But without the voice, its just a transcript--of course, full of disdain on National concerns. His solutions are more comic than hypothetically real. It lacks that inwardn [...]

    2. I did not realize just how close my mindset is to his. When I read this book, I felt as though he pulled information out of my brain to write it! I often laughed heartily while reading it. It was very validating for me to read a book by someone with the same values as me, and realize that I am not alone in my thoughts.

    3. 3.5 but I'll round it to 4Here are some Maher-isms you'll find in this book:"Enough with the "For Dummies" series. The last straw was this week when I saw NASCAR for Dummies. Let me save you the $12.99. It's rednecks drinking beer and watching other rednecks turn left.""No puppet fucking. The movie Team America: World Police features graphic sex scenes between marionettes. If I had any interest in wooden sex with strings attached, I'd get married.""No paying kids to tattle. A high school in Geor [...]

    4. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Bill Maher fan, so read on at your own risk. This book, really just a collection of New Rules bits from the show (I think), is funny, profane and insightful, just like its author. It's a great "turn your brain off and enjoy" book with some incredibly funny observations interspersed with several shockingly cogent and piercingly insightful commentaries on contemporary life. This being said, because it's just a series of snippets, I can't say that I would be [...]

    5. I like Bill Maher. I like his humor and I like his politics. So I was looking forward to reading something by him. The humor in this book did not disappoint me but it had a problem a lot of these books by comedians has. It reads like excerpts from his stand-up routine. For that, it deserves at least three stars but I was hoping for something a little more substantial than a collection of one liners.

    6. The very first book that consists of the political and social ramblings of the comedian Bill Maher. It is brilliantly funny and quite an enjoyable read. It is also obvious that the book as written during the Bush administration. Therefore one must be aware of all the events that took place during that particular period.It is a must read for those interested in political satirist humor.

    7. Bill Maher isn't funny from watching his shows, he tries too hard to be funny- trying to do it the easy way out- by causing drama. 60% of our beliefs probably match but really being a total Trumpster about other people's religions or ways of life (when it doesn't affect you) isn't funny. Bye

    8. Really funny, but not for the easily offended. Bill Maher does not discriminate. He makes fun of everyone. The material is a little out of date, but still entertaining. He has a good statement on the issue of gay marriage. Progress is being made, but really, why is this an issue? But at least the Right isn't hypocritical on this issue; they really believe that homosexuality is an "abomination" and a dysfunction that's "curable." They also believe that if a gay man just devotes his life to Jesus, [...]

    9. As usual - on audio book. Bill reads this and I can just imagine him sitting there on his talk show spouting his words of wisdom. Funny wisdom too.It does get repetitive with the "new rules" being stated each time he changes topics; however, it does help keep the subjects separate. Some items are dated (and it is funny hearing him and perhaps how close he became to reality when he "predicts" what might happen).Some laugh out loud moments, others to snicker at, and some to ponderPretty good and e [...]

    10. Published in 2005, "New Rules" is a collection of monologues, essays, and Maher's new rules for life that satirize popular culture, politics, and our idiotic ways of life. Maher's wit and incisiveness target the key issues of the day including the Bush presidency, the Abu Ghraib scandal, 9/11, the Iraq War, and of course, Britney Spears. Each joke and insightful comment from Maher serves as a keen observation of the issues of the day. Also strewn throughout are commentaries which aim to improve [...]

    11. I read The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass before I read this book. Honestly, I'm glad because this book, while funny, was not as enjoyable as its followup.This book consists mostly of the shorter New Rules, like you find in the segment of the same name that airs toward the end of Real Time with Bill Maher. There are also essays in this one. Both the essays and the shorter jokes would have probably been more appealing had I read them shortly after [...]

    12. I love Bill Maher. I love him enough that, despite its flaws, I still managed to enjoy this book. It came out a few years ago and is therefore a bit dated, so a lot of the pop culture references are outdated (as is the contention that Democrats can't win elections). But whereas recently, Bill has been a fighter for an honest kind of truth about our society and its problems, here he more complains and kvetches for 200 pages. He's also a little high on the bitter/sexist/intolerant meter. I can und [...]

    13. I like Bill Maher but to me this book was just okay. Some parts were really funny, though mostly laugh in your head funny. But some parts I found offensive/insensitive even for Mr. Maher. His commentary on the Bush administration is still spot on nearly 10 years later. Also loved his comments about bat-shit crazy Coulter. But what bothered me were the rape jokes, mocking of women who suffer miscarriages, and comments on breastfeeding in public (Bill I like you a lot but get over yourself. Babies [...]

    14. This collection of short monologues and jokes from Bill Maher's HBO series would obviously be much better in their original format, delivered before a live audience by Maher himself. This book is often very funny, but I can't deny that a major component is missing. The jokes just aren't as funny on the printed page. However, Maher's humor is also about ideas and those shine through. I've been a fan of his since his days on Comedy Central and find him to be one of the finest political humorists o [...]

    15. Maher is a funny, funny man. Having said that, he frequently makes statements that I totally disagree with or even find rather offensive.Why is he so very down on kids? Is it an easy but absurd generalization that all parents are suckers who spoil the crap out of their jaded, repellent offspring. Okay, maybe in L.A but not everywhere. And I sincerely do not want to know what kind of nightmare marrige-from-hell Maher's parents must have had for him to be so utterly horrified by the very idea of m [...]

    16. I like Bill Maher most of the time but a lot of the rants in this book are dated quite quickly. I know I'm reading it years after its publication which is probably why some of the jokes/observations seemed so well-tread, but the book became a bit irrelevant a bit too fast for me. I like that he speaks his mind so openly but for a man who mocks frat boys so much, it often seems like he embraces the grown-up frat boy mentality pretty whole-heartedly. I upped my rating to a three because his suppor [...]

    17. Those familiar with the HBO show Real Time already know about Bill Maher's funny and biting collection of "New Rules". For those who don't of for those who want a written sampling of the material, the text New Rules collects some of Maher's best "New Rules" rants and also includes new material, including a few longer form editorials.Like most texts collecting funny short-bit stand up material, New Rules is a very fast (too fast) and fun read.

    18. Primarily a collection of Bill Maher 1 and 2 and 3 liners with a few longer observations thrown in. No real structure unfortunately. As you make your way through this book, you can hear Bill Maher's voice reading these bits. Especially if you listen to the audio version (which he narrates). If you think those last 2 sentences are funny, you'll probably enjoy this book because that's the structure of much of Maher's humor.

    19. I needed something light & funny to read after slowly trudging through some of my other reading material. This took less than a day to get through and had me laughing hysterically at times (the 1st page for sure). I like Bill Maher's sarcastic, dry sense of common sense humor probably because it is exactly like mine.

    20. Although this book was published in 2005, it's amazing how many of Bill Maher's observations still ring true. Only the names of the politicians and the technology has changed. His skill at pointing out America's hypocrisies and foibles has kept him a household name for years. As Bill says, "Why would you put a McDonald's in a hospital?"

    21. Audio was read by Mahr. It was funny, but just a rehash of the New Rules blurbs from the show. Since I listened to this 9 years after publication, clearly some of the jokes were dated. It was also quite short. This was fine since I borrowed the audio book from the library, but disappointing if money had been exchanged.

    22. Originally released in '05, it's still hard to believe Americans had voted for Bush for a second time, in part, due to their opposition to marriage equality. Yet here is Bill reaming on them for being jackasses when it was not popular to say this. This is vintage Maher and is as applicable today as when it came out.

    23. As much as I love Bill Maher, I don't think his remarks translate well to book form. I almost feel guilty for counting this as a book, because it's more of an article. I agree with most of what he has to say, but this just wasn't much of a book to me.

    24. Hovering in the 2.5-star range. A lot of the material hasn't aged very well. It's sort of telling that the hardest-hitting, most effective sentiments are conveyed straightforwardly, outside of the bounds of standup-type humor.

    25. Listened to it on the road to AZ with David. It's typical Maher--political, curmudgeonly, idiosyncratic, Libertarian-meets-Libertine, and assholish. It's intermittently funny, often critically astute, and frequently irritating. So, considering the source: totally fair.

    26. I got this book for Christmas a few years back and I really can't get enough of it. Although I do not agree with some of his statements, nobody can joke about politics like Maher and he proves that in this politically INcorrect book.

    27. 791.4572 Sub-titled: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer these are bits from the "New Rules" segment of his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher. Some very funny rants about what is being done wrong, what's not being done right, and why Republicans and the far right are screwed up.

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