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Swift Justice

  • Title: Swift Justice
  • Author: Laura DiSilverio
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Swift Justice When Charlotte Charlie Swift former Air Force investigator turned barely solvent Colorado Springs PI confronts an armed woman in her office Monday morning she knows the week is going to suck And wh

    When Charlotte Charlie Swift, former Air Force investigator turned barely solvent Colorado Springs PI, confronts an armed woman in her office Monday morning, she knows the week is going to suck And when she finds out she must accept the intruder, Gigi Goldman, as her partner in Swift Investigations, she hatches a plan to get rid of the pampered, mid fifties socialite whWhen Charlotte Charlie Swift, former Air Force investigator turned barely solvent Colorado Springs PI, confronts an armed woman in her office Monday morning, she knows the week is going to suck And when she finds out she must accept the intruder, Gigi Goldman, as her partner in Swift Investigations, she hatches a plan to get rid of the pampered, mid fifties socialite who has none of the qualifications or abilities, Charlie s sure, to succeed as a private investigator.As if having to deal with Gigi weren t enough, Charlie must also solve a missing person s case involving an abandoned infant, a long ago adoption, and a client who wants to offload her grand child on the daughter she s never met Huh And, of course, there s a murder .

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    1. Every once in a while I pick up a cozy to get away from the psycho-thriller-serial killer books. I'm very glad a friend here at GR told me about this series and suggested when I was in the mood for a fun/cozy book- to try this series! Well, I'm glad a did. A cute book, I got a few chuckles here and there. Nothing really new - a PI doing what they do best- drive the 'local' detectives crazy while the PI tries to solve the case. A really fun read- and for sure - I'll pick up book number 2 in this [...]

    2. I liked this, but I liked the inaugural book in her other series much more. Charlie & Gigi make a nice duo. The supporting cast might be a bit too full of hunky guysbut I like the supporting cast (Father Dan, Montgomery, Gigi's bratty kids, the lady who runs the restaurant down the way whose name escapes me at the moment). I AM looking forward to future adventuresHere are the two reasons for the three star instead of four star rating: 1) It was kind of obvious what was going on with Lizzy (a [...]

    3. I couldn't resist checking this out of the library, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. there are so many different fun elements: I liked seeing Charlie's relationship with Gigi, her unexpected new business partner, develop at the same time as we were introduced to Gigi's life, which kind of surprisingly sucks (I'm even curious to see what happens with her bratty kids). I like Charlie's interactions with her handsome neighbor and handsome cop friend -- I want to see where both go. I don't eve [...]

    4. "Swift Justice" introduces us to Charlotte, "Charlie" Swift, a PI in Colorado Springs. As the book opens, Charlie has just taken on a missing persons case, and been introduced to Gigi, the ex-wife of her silent partner. Gigi received the share of the agency in her divorce settlement and has decided she wants to be an active partner, much to Charlie's chagrin. This was an entertaining debut, and I look forward to reading more from this author. The characters are well-developed, the cases are inte [...]

    5. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    6. #1 in the Charlotte “Charlie” Swift series. This debut novel was shortlisted for the 2011 Lefty Award. Author DiSilverio turns in a very fine first effort. "Charlie" Swift is an Air Force investigator turned P.I. In a great balancing act, the serious matter of tracking down the father of an abandoned baby, after the mother is killed, is offset by the comic situations arising as a result of divorced socialite, Gigi, getting half of the detective agency in her settlement and deciding she wants [...]

    7. P. I. Charlie Swift specializes in finding missing persons, being a loner, and drinking a lot of Pepsi. As the book opens, a client appears in Swift’s Colorado Springs office to ask her to find her missing daughter. A daughter she hasn’t seen since she gave her up for adoption as an infant. The teen-age daughter who recently left her own newborn on her birth mother’s doorstep a week ago. The client doesn’t want to meet her daughter. She just wants her granddaughter returned to the teen [...]

    8. Author Laura DiSilverio’s debut novel, “Swift Justice” (her PI is named Charlotte “Charlie” Swift), opens in Charlie’s Colorado Springs office with a visit from Melissa Lloyd, an interior decorator who has had something unexpected left on her porch: a newborn baby. She’s had the baby’s DNA tested and it’s her own grandchild. The baby has to have been abandoned by the daughter Lloyd gave up for adoption seventeen years ago. “Find my daughter,” Lloyd says. Only she has no nam [...]

    9. Me a while to get through this book simply because… well read for yourself.These are notes I made halfway through the book;Can't say I care much for the main character here, Charlie. She's just bland and unlikable, in fact that seems to be an accurate description of this book, so far. I'll hang in there though, on the hope that Gigi will provide some good entertainment further on. At least she has a good attitude and interesting personality. As I go further into this book, the less I like Char [...]

    10. Meet Charlotte (Charlie) Swift, a PI who likes to work by herself. She has her own firm that consists of her and a silent partner, whose only role was funding. Now meet Gigi. Gigi is a 50-something former beautician-turned-housewife, whose husband has just left her and the kids. All Gigi has is the house, her husband's Hummer, and bills to pay. Did I mention Gigi's husband is Charlie's silent partner? He also left Gigi his half of Swift Investigations. Gigi is eager to learn the PI trade, determ [...]

    11. Charlotte "Charlie" Smith, former U.S. Air Force Investigator, now PI, has her own agency, a hunky neighbor, Father Dan, and a hunky detective, Montgomery, for friends, so what could go wrong? She likes being independent. She takes a missing person's case involving a teenager who recently gave birth, the baby, and the woman who found the baby on her doorstep. That quickly becomes complicated when the woman confesses that she had a daughter when she was a teenager, and a DNA test proved that the [...]

    12. I'll look forward to more books in the seriers. If you like Janet Evanovich, I think you'll like DiSilverio. Not quite as crazy and Evanovichs but still plenty of fun. I like Charlie and GiGi and the rest of the cast."Charlotte “Charlie” Swift prefers working alone. That’s why after eight years as an Air Force investigator she became a PI rather than a cop. She lives alone, she works alone, and aside for the occasional flirtation with sexy cop Connor Montgomery or her hunky neighbor Father [...]

    13. This book introduces Charlotte "Charlie" Swift, a no-nonsense PI that strongly resembles a modern day Kinsey Milhone. The story is funny, dramatic, suspenseful and entertaining. It was a quick read and left me wanting to read more about her characters. The story was fairly predictable, but I enjoyed reading about the areas around Colorado Springs and Denver and I loved her blend of sarcastic wit, humor, and dramatic suspense. The book cover reminded me of some of Carl Hiaasen's books.I've also r [...]

    14. DiSilverio, LauraSwift JusticeMystery/2010/Minotaur Books/290 PgsDebut -- Charlie Swift PI seriesPresent/Colorado Springs, COCharacters: Charlotte "Charlie" Swift -- former USAF investigator, PI w/ focus on missing persons Gigi -- Charlie's new partner, x-wife of Charlie's silent partnerFirst Lines: The bear had toppled my bird feeder again, the 2 aspirin I'd gulped w/ a swig of Pepsi weren't making a dent in my headache (note to self: don't try to match Father Dan drink for drink ever again), a [...]

    15. Charlie Swift sounds like the kind of woman that Steve McGarrett (from Hawaii 5-0) would enjoy working with. In fact they could probably teach each other a lot.I admit I would have agreed with Charlie on Gigi's choices for decorating the office, and I would most likely be just as annoyed as she was when Gigi tried to completely change the office. Yet Gigi proved that she can be tough enough to do the job, she is loyal and determined to make things work for her and her children (no matter how ung [...]

    16. What fun! I love discovering a new author/series with lots of promise. Kind of a cross between the zaniness of Evanovich and the seriousness of Grafton - a good mix.Charlie Swift is a former Army OSI investigator who retired and opened a PI business, with the help of an invetor/partner. One day she finds a strange woman in her office - turns out the partner decided to dump his wife (the woman) for a 22-year-old personal trainer, leaving Gigi with the house, the Hummer, and his interest in Charli [...]

    17. I read this book because I love the author's new series. The main character, Charlie, was enjoyable, she lacks all abilities when it comes to personal relationships, but is bright and a good sleuth. I like that she sort of has 3 possible love interests. Her life is complicated when her silent business partner turns out to be an embezellor who ran off and left his family. All his wife, Gigi, has left is the house, the kids, and his partnership in her PI business. So she decides to become a PI. Wh [...]

    18. Debut in a new series featuring an independent female PI--and her eventual partner, a not-so-independent sidekick, Gigi. Plenty of snappy dialogue and funny situations make this a quick, enjoyable read. Charlotte (Charlie) Swift needs to find the mother of an abandoned baby who's been left on the grandmother's doorstep. Problem: baby's mother has been killed. And who's the father? And what's the motive? Gigi--complete with a bright yellow Hummer and a great spirit--comes to Charlie's aid more th [...]

    19. Years of experience have made Charlie Swift really good at locating missing persons. But her latest case, finding out who left a baby at the home of a woman who gave away her own child seventeen years ago, is going to be tough. What's making it even harder is that her silent partner has decamped, leaving his deserted wife with the need to make a living, by becoming Charlie's not so silent partner. Gigi does not have the chops Charlie has learned to use, so Charlie sends her out on the most borin [...]

    20. I liked Lila Dare's Southern Beauty Shop book so, when I found out that Lila Dare was also Laura DiSilverio, I figured I'd enjoy this book. Although I usually buy all my books then read them and pass them on via swap, I got this one out of my local library. Read it in two days and enjoyed every minute of it. I really like Charlie Swift and the fun of the relationship between Charlie and her new partner is great to read. All the characters are realistic and the story was complicated enough to kee [...]

    21. I was at the library and my son picked out a book for me. I brought it home, looked it up and it turns out it was the third book of a series. So, I got the first book, this one. I LOVED IT. The characters are funny, believable and loveable. Unlike Stephanie Plum, this character doesn't seem to be in heat all the time. Unlike Kinsey Milhone, she actually has a soft side. (I only quote those characters because the reviews likened this series to those two) I can't wait to read the next 2 books. If [...]

    22. I picked this book up as a read-alike for Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I really liked it and look forward to the second book in this series. In this story Charlie is a thirty something private eye. She has a silent partner who skips town with a 22 year old and his wife shows up making the partnership real instead of silent. Charlie was an investigator for the Airforce for eight years so she knows what she is doing. The partner, Gigi, a 52 year old society matron, provides the comic r [...]

    23. This was my first DiSilverio book and I really enjoyed it. Her writing style is easy-reading and fast-moving. The characters were interesting, a little eccentric, but believable and likable. I liked that the main character is an established PI with some credibility, not a bumbling, wanna be. The bumbling wanna be character is funny and lovable without being completely silly. I look forward to reading more of these as well as trying her other 2 series.

    24. 1st in a series -fun read, evanovich read alike, but not as goofy. Charlie (Charlotte) Swift is private investigator, whose silent partner has run off with his personal trainer and his family finances leaving a wife (Gigi and two kids behind. Gigi needs a job, and decides to become a not so silent partner in the PI buisness. Oil and water Gigi provides the comic relief as she learns the buisness.

    25. Hooray for Charlie Swift! What a character -- and, since DiSilverio does a lovely job of developing said character, we really get a chance to get to know it in this debut novel. She can be exasperating, sure, and rough around the edges, but her new partner provides an entertaining and often touching foil to Charlie's curmudgeonliness. Highly recommended! I only wish there were more books in this brief, rollicking series.

    26. This was a book I picked up at the library because the cover caught my attention but I am glad that I got it! I thought the book had a refreshing and unique storyline to it that had my attention all the way through. I love the way Charlie and Gigi interact with each other and got a kick out of Gigi's experience as a PI. I thought this was a great debut to the series and am looking forward to reading more by Laura DiSilverio!

    27. When PI Charlie Swift is saddled with a new partner, she does everything she can to get this new woman to quit the business. Meanwhile, she has to track down the missing mother of a baby. The book has an odd combination of humorous and serious, but it really works. I liked the characters and can't wait to visit them again.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    28. Find all of my reviews at:readingatrandom/2Well written with enough twists to keep the plot entertaining, this was an easy breezy mystery perfect for summer reading.Recommended to someone looking for a light mystery. I will definitely read more by the author, including the continuation of this series.

    29. When a woman comes in and asks Charlie Swift, a private detective, to find the mother of the baby left on her doorstep, she takes the case. It all becomes very complicated, what with they child's mother dead and multiple possibilities for the father. I didn't much care for any of the characters and the plot was all over the place, so I probably won't be looking up the next book in the series.

    30. It is a light but delightful read. It is a fast-paced, well-written page turner.Charlotte (Charlie) Swift is a PI. She is hired to find the father of a newborn baby whose mother has been murdered. Set in Colorado Springs and its environs, Swift presents is with lots of interesting characters that I'm sure will be regulars in the series.I am looking forward to reading #2 in this series.

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