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  1. The writing here is not great, in my opinion, but the story and history of the book raises it a bit. The story was originally written by J. H. Rosny, a French author who was a contemporary of Vernes and Wells. He was sometimes called the "Burroughs" of France. However, his narrative drive is not nearly as powerful as Burroughs.Farmer translated and apparently made some changes, although I don't know how many, to Rosny's manuscript for American audiences. It's not a bad book and is historically i [...]

  2. If you are looking for a good Philip Jose Farmer read then pass this one up, it's merely his translation of a early 1920's story. If you just want a nice quick easy adventure read the it's recommended.

  3. Philip Jose Farmer helps to translate a french jungle adventure novel from 1919.Fun, suspenseful, with some clever in jokes, some truly creepy villains and a really cool finale.Lots of the kind of adventure you'd expect from a early 20th century jungle adventure. Ironcastle is the usual 'great white hunter with a cool name' and the side kicks and damsels aren't as annoying as they can be in say, some of the Tarzan books.

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